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Spotlight: Midwestern Audio - A Local Compilation CD Release Party

Spotlight: Midwestern Audio - A Local Compilation CD Release Party

This Sunday, Midwest Music Foundation will be presenting a local compilation CD release party at the recordBar, featuring a sampling of Kansas City's hottest bands.

We sat down with MMF's Brenton Cook, who compiled the CDs, to find out more about the compilation and the bands he's excited to highlight in it.

The Deli: What gave you the idea for making a compilation?

Brenton: I have always appreciated listening to and receiving compilations and mixtapes, particularly if there is a great theme to it or it is targeted to a certain area's music scene. I always enjoyed getting a really great free local compilation, I can think of a handful of them that have been put out on CD documenting the Kansas City music scene the last decade or so. Some of the KJHK samplers come to mind, as well as the Dandercroft 'zine CDs, a Kansas City/Cleveland Pabst Blue Ribbon compilation, and earlier Midwest Music Foundation SXSW previews. It had been awhile since anything like this had been put out for free and in CD form and distributed around the city. So many artists are recording or putting out records right now and it seems that the momentum of music in Kansas City is greater than it has ever been.  I wanted to catch a snapshot of this place in time in the Kansas City music scene and present it freely so that everyone could enjoy. I proposed the idea to Midwest Music Foundation and was met with positive feedback about the idea of the project.

The Deli: Were there any bands you thought of immediately when thinking about putting this together?

Brenton: Certainly. Some of Kansas City's staple bands like Hearts of Darkness, The Grisly Hand, The Beautiful Bodies, Cowboy Indian Bear, Soft Reeds, and The ACBs were no-brainers. I wanted to reach out to the Golden Sound Records and The Record Machine labels because I appreciated a lot of the things that they are doing in this city right now. Basically, I just wanted to get some of the heaviest hitters that I could get that would best represent the quality and diversity of music in Kansas City that would be willing to contribute a track for the compilation and put together the best thing that I could. The response was so overwhelming that it ended up having to become a double CD.

The Deli: Any surprises in here? Bands/songs that we might not be familiar with? Any unreleased material?

Brenton: Part of the idea of this project was to get some material that couldn't be found anywhere else. I got brand new tracks that have yet to be released by The Blackbird Revue, Diverse, Hammerlord, Expo '70, Dollar Fox, and Cadillac Flambe. Tiny Horse recorded a new track in studio just for the compilation and The Conquerors submitted a practice space recording.  Monta at Odds and Be/Non submitted unreleased tracks that were recorded years ago and now have a home. I have a demo version of a new Cowboy Indian Bear track that will appear on their next album.  Perhaps my favorite track on the compilation is a reworked version of Hidden Pictures' "Something to Eat," that was released on their first album, but this version has whole new accompaniment. I'm really hyping up this band Eyelit.  I stumbled on them from Noisetrade and was surprised to see they were from St. Joseph. Anyway, I really like their Swell Season-like sound and hope they can play more in Kansas City. I had a great experience catching the more experimental acts at the KC Psych Fest this year and wanted to incorporate a few of those bands (Monta at Odds, Expo '70, Gemini Revolution, Be/Non,The Conquerors, Umberto, Mr. Marco's V7. These may be a bit off of the radar and I thought this material needed to be shared with those unfamiliar with them.

The Deli: What new local bands are you most excited about?

Brenton: Quiet Corral, Antennas Up, and Schwervon! are all a great listen. Quite a few of the acts on this compilation got me an advanced copy of their latest single or album and I'm very much looking forward to seeing some of these recordings performed live. I like a lot of the stuff that Golden Sound Records is putting out. I'm excited to see what Reach has in store for everybody at the record release show.
For more info and a complete track listing, please click on the link here.

The show begins at 7:00 pm at the recordBar this Sunday, September 23. $10 will get you in the door and you'll be able to take home a free double CD. Gemini Revolution takes the stage first, followed by Reach (with Diverse), then Grand Marquis, Antennas Up, and Everyday/Everynight. 18+. Facebook event page here.

Also sponsored by Ink Magazine.

--Michelle Bacon

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