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The Analog Cafe Opens Its Doors

The Analog Cafe Opens Its Doors

Bridgetown is known for doing some things right, two of them being food and music. The Analog Cafe has managed to create a venue where both art forms are celebrated. Donnie Rife is the man behind the recently opened venue that boasts one of the best sound systems in Portland as well as Executive Chef Javier Canteras, a classically trained and well respected Chef, in charge of the menu. This means a few things for Analog Cafe. First, if you are a band, you want to play here. The sound system is amazing, as I found out when I visited on an open mic night last Thursday. Second, Canteras can cook. I came full, not wanting to have another fried meal from a bar. Imagine my surprise when the table next to me was enjoying what turned out to be a proper meal. The man can cook and by the end of the night everyone was enjoying some amazing local talent, amazing local cuisine, and mighty fine drinks from their full bar. The venue can comfortably hold 500- yes you read that correctly- 500 people. That is going to be handy because Analog Cafe is also home of DRD Records, the brains behind this operation. Rife explains the motto behind this endeavor is "Rock stars and rock star chefs," and they are doing it well with an impressive lineup of acts, themed nights and a menu that will satisfy the foodie in all of us. - Joy Pearson


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