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Rigsketball Finals - 7.24

Rigsketball Finals - 7.24

What is Rigsketball you ask? Why it is a mobile b-ball game in Portland that involves a bunch of bands and a hoop bolted to the back of a rad van. It is becoming a summer tradition, started three years ago by band And And And's drummer/ripper extraordinaire Bim Ditson and his trusty Ford Aerostar. This year has been another fast tourney between 32 local bands. They have been bumper-dunking in various locations throughout Rip-city over the last few days, from space at PDX Pop Now!, to NE dead end streets, and vacant lots off of MLK Blvd. 

And then there were four:
Soul Ipsum vs. Rio Grands---

Newcomers Rio Grands beat Otis Heat (with a hangover), then went on to defeat Typhoon and Con Chill Bro. 
The internal "Vaporwave" of Soul Ipsom beat out Trick Sensei and Mannequinhead (no hot cheetos and takis for you!)
Hustle and Drone vs. Thanks---

Thanks beat out reigning rigsketball champions and hip hop team TxE, with a score of 1-0, and then won against The Morals in a closer match. 
Hustle and Drone gave A Happy Death their namesake and didn't share victory with The We Shared Milk(even after Boone nailed that 5 point shot). Their name is on their side. 
It all comes down to one art-van and bands, tonight at Holocene. Players and spectators alike will enjoy the sun and shenanigans as Ed Foreman serves up commentatary for the semi-final and final game, and afterwords everyone can file inside for a FREE show with the rip-rippest of line-ups:  The Woolen Men, Wooden Indian Burial Ground, Minden, Grandparents, Gaythiest, The We Shared Milk, and Mister Tang.  But wait, radder yet is the musical compilation put out by Citrus Tapes, featuring tracks by ALL of the participating bands making music here in Portland. We are all winners! This RIPS! -Brandy Crowe

Published: July 24, 2013 |

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