Deli Magazine

Interview with Mister Tang

- by Brandy Crowe

So who is Mister Tang? Is it your last name?
Jeff: Yes, actually Stone and I are half brothers. 
Does this have anything to do with astronauts or the color orange?
Stone: My dad's from the nation of Glipglorp. He grows some pretty good space weed.
Cody: What does tang gotta do with a damn spaceman?
Are you jealous of Stone's hair?
Jeff: You have no idea. One day i'll have a lion's mane.
Cody: God yes, His hair is like the first breath of winter from a blind voodoo priests pipe.
How did you guys start playing together?
Jeff: We've been best bud since we were little tikes. You know, like kiddy pools and BBQs and shit. Both of our previous bands fell through, but we've been jamming forever.
Cody: Well I had been playing in my old band and then my drummer moved to the east coast and I'm just thinking, “What the hell kinda good is a psychedelic rock band without crazy beats?” So Stone got ahold of me and said that they wanted a bass man and that's that you know.
And you are a three piece now? 
Jeff: Yes! We added Cody on bass in May of this year. Cody is our Cousin! 
Cody: Yep, it's been pretty fuckin’ cool
And who mans what instrument? Do you name your instruments?
Jeff - drums/vocals
Stone - guitar/vocals. Sally's her name
Cody - bass/vocals. My bass is named Mikey
How old were you when you started playing gigs?
Jeff: 17
Cody: 16
Are you even old enough to drink beer? 
Jeff: We fucking aren't, and it blows. We're almost 21, and all the bars in town owe us some damn drink tickets.
Cody: Nope, and being this close sucks a whole lotta juice box, I've missed so many good shows cause of it.
Stone: Fuck the drinking age.
Who and what are some of the influences that created your style? 
Jeff: Ty Segall, Thee Oh Sees, The Shivas, Guantanamo Baywatch, Mikal Cronin, just to name a few
Cody: The Gorillaz, The Ventures, Trashed Romeos, 1776, That Handsome Devil, Tom Waits.
Stone: Sabbath, The Reatards, The Seeds, Link Wray, Screaming Jay Hawkins, Thee Oh Sees
What are you imagining when you put together your songs?
Jeff: I try to imagine a wave that's throwing us back and forth until we crash on the floor.
What is your relationship to citrus tapes? 
Jeff: Stone and I started producing our own tapes and we got to thinking, "We could do this, we can do this for other bands or anyone looking to get some tapes produced." Then I scored a sweet duplicator and now we've released a lovin' handful of tapes for the people of Portland to enjoy
Any new songs in the works? 
Jeff: Everyday! We're constantly cranking out material 
Cody: All the damn time, I don't think I've ever been in a band that writes this much. It's killer.
Stone: Be ready, we're coming.
What do you think is important for the under 21 music makers and fans concerning live shows? 
Cody: Play and see as much as you fucking can.
Stone: Fuck it, play bars that you can't hang out in. Stand outside and watch other bands, play a ton of house shows and have fun.