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Malt Ball 2014 Brews in Review

Malt Ball 2014 Brews in Review

I arrived at the Wonder Ballroom after work ready to enjoy the Friday edition of Malt Ball 2014. 24 brewers were on hand, 12 of which collaborated with the weekends bands to create a beer/band line-up. With friends I tasted each and every one of the beers. This year seemed IPA heavy, but all were delicious. 

Here were some favorites: 
Gigantic Brewing's "Emergency"- a Ameri-Belgian Barrel Sour, super dark and subtly tangy. Designed with Summer Cannibals in mind. 
Ambacht Brewing's "Matzobrau" -Dark, Sweet, and Holy Sh*t! Get this for Passover (not a collaboration brew with a local band). 
Lompoc Brewing's "Dry Hop Victory Dry Hopped Golden Ale" -Hoppy, Hoppy, Joy, Joy for Hot Victory.
And the winner is:  Claim 52 Brewing's "Run Wild Radler" - So this beer hits you hard--It's super light and smooth but then you get a punch of citrus and floral--floral like a glass full of peonies, floral. It was as I was tasting this when I realized the band it was made for, Thanks, was one the stage. They crooned with a display of deep soul vocals, rock, jazz, and as I heard many audience members say "..a HUGE guitarist". "Run Wild Radler" was a little untamed, and tasted like spring. It was great to compare the taste to the sound. 
Give your ears the taste of Thanks as well. - Brandy Crowe

Published: March 10, 2014 |

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