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Introducing: A Happy Death

Introducing: A Happy Death

Though most of the city is still buried away underneath layers upon layers of rain, let the Firkin Tavern shelter you in the most captivating way this Friday night: through rock 'n roll. A Happy Death is celebrating their album release amongst fellow psych rockers Mister Tang and Cambrian Explosion. The new release, entitled Introducing: A Happy Death, welcomes you into their universe full of polite aggression. The manners only go as far as proper introductions, as their sound never gives way for bowing or waiting for someone else's turn. It sweeps you away on a provoking ride. 

The beginning of the album is slightly uncomfortable only because voicemails are only a thing that grandmas, collection agencies and stalkers leave. Fortunately, it quickly transitions to a sprint full of adrenaline and low howls supporting wailing lulls. Suddenly, everything makes sense again. The energy is consistent through the middle ground of the release, a rare feat in modern music. Appropriately named "Muscle Car" taunts with unpredictable drumming, while Ryan Joseph Lella's vocals tease you in and out of intoxication. The well-chosen finale, "Firewalk" kneels in fuzz and darker vibes. The intent was to listen from start to finish, which explains cassette options. This is definitely an album set in place just so. Influences can be obviously pointed out, but this band isn't one to constantly compare to others in existence. Stand back, sway, do whatever you do and just let it be what it is. - Colette Pomerleau 

Published: April 02, 2014 |

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