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In Review: Fisherman's Village Music Fest 2014


Everett, Washington has unveiled itself as a blossoming community for artists. This past weekend, the Everett Music Initiative hosted their first Fisherman's Village Music Festival. It took place within four venues in the downtown area. The lineup was not exclusively bands from the Pacific Northwest, though a significant amount of them were. I didn't require much convincing before I escaped my day job, kidnapped my soul sister and raced off into the woods.

Friday, we caught performances by The We Shared Milk, Animal Eyes, Tango Alpha Tango in the Cannery, which was transformed from a coffee shop into an event space. All Portland-based bands exuded more energy out into the crowd than what was being thrown back at them. The audience was mellow. Portland was not. Seattle-based Unnatural Helpers introduced us to our next environment-Kroakers. The neighborhood bar had scattered mancave-esque decor. People were generally friendly and intoxicated. The band promised more aggression and the following bands continued on the trend. Jeffertitti's Nile contributed a fascinating wardrobe and stage antics. Night Beats ended the night, climbing on amps and blasting eardrums away.

The We Shared Milk


The We Shared Milk at the Cannery for FVMF 2014. Photo by Carey Silverstein.


Animal Eyes


Animal Eyes at the Cannery for FVMF 2014. Photo by Carey Silverstein.


Saturday, BellaMaine found us after we had been on a shopping marathon through antique shops and strange estate sales. The married couple who front the indie-pop outfit effortlessly blended their vocals. The title track off of their latest EP, Anxious Mind made me step back for a moment to consider how wonderful this all was. The surprisingly sunny day continued with performances by the reckless Fauna Shade, the Young Evils, AAN and La Luz. I'll never forget dancing onstage with those surf babes.



AAN at the Shipyard for FVMF 2014. Photo by Carey Silverstein.


La Luz


La Luz at the Historic Everett Theatre for FVMF 2014. Photo by Colette Pomerleau.


Lester Bangs described Austin, Texas in a way that is perfect for Everett as well. “Laid-back and somewhat indulgent as it is, might be a terrible place for a New Yorker or anyone who wants to move and shake culture or corporations but it's an undeniably great place to start a band.” The town is small enough to make a name for yourself, but close enough to Seattle to perform for a larger audience. My experience wandering the town was mostly pleasant, though I haven't been used to mellow vibes for a while. Surrounding the festival, attendees had a ridiculous amount of second-hand shops, small dogs to pet and charming architecture to admire. It was easy to decipher who was in the town for music. Fortunately, I met a couple of locals who spoke about moving there specifically to play with other musicians and it made me feel hopeful. The Initiative's caught onto something. I was happy to experience this for the first time with everyone else.

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- Colette Pomerleau