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Rigsketball Kicks Off Another Year Tonight!

Rigsketball Kicks Off Another Year Tonight!

It may not seem terribly obvious, but Portland loves basketball. We rep Rip City's team the Blazers to no end and when the suns out, a great deal of Portland residents flock to parks and playgrounds to partake in said blacktop court games. There's one instance in the year that blends two of the city's loves, music and basketball, together. That event is Rigsketball, and they're hosting their kickoff party tonight.

The actual Rigsketball tournament isn't happening yet, but those that head to the Doug Fir tonight will get to peep the premiere of the Rigsketball video, a 30 minute promo video pulling inspiration from old school Sports Center, Yayoi Kusama and WWE episodes. It'll also include clips from 2016's festivities, as well as some specially created ad breaks from the band Heavy Breather.

Rigsketball's kickoff party will also feature performances by Deathlist, Nasalrod and tournament creator Bim Ditson's band And And And. Bands that wish to participate in the Rigsketball tournament this summer have a chance to sign up for early registration at the show, as long as they get there early!

Music starts at 9pm but the premiere of the promo video is at 8:30pm, so be there on time with $5 in hand for the cover. There will even be some extra special announcements before the video screening, for those that want in on some secret info.

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