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Mood Music: The Hague - "Globes"

Mood Music: The Hague - "Globes"

There's been a bit of a resurgence in emo in the last couple of years, but there's one band that's been holding it down the whole time. The Hague have almost a whole decade under their belt of mixing emotive styles with indie and at times, a little alt-folk, and they've released a new 7" showing they've still got Portland emo locked.

"Globes" is the second track on The Hague's 7". The band spent two years writing the tracks on the record, using a series of rough occurrences for the band's members as inspiration. 

“This record is about the inevitability of change,” says drummer Jesse Tranfo. “It’s about knowing that the band won't always be a band, and most friendships won't last, and knowing that that is truth. At the same time, it’s about fighting that, and wanting to believe in the good things currently happening, wanting to hold on to those close to us, and wanting to be more present in what we’re doing."

Listen to "Globes" below. 

Published: November 05, 2017 |

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