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Dogheart drop second LP of the year, 'Beach Farm'

Dogheart drop second LP of the year, 'Beach Farm'

There wasn't much good that came out of 2017 as a year, except for rejoicing in the fact that alt-indie duo Dogheart release two albums. Family Hair hit just as spring turned to summer and now, they've shared Beach Farm as fall is setting in. 

Beach Farm is a slight departure from the duo's other releases. "On this one, we took it back a bit and put a lot of emotion into without thinking about it so much," says Matt Jenkins, one half of Dogheart. "Whatever came naturally was the way it was. The process of this was the most fun we've had writing and recording an album. To us, it is the most cohesive sounding album we've made and are very proud of that aspect." 

Jenkins shares every aspect of song making duties with Dogheart's other half Gray Hildreth. With Beach Farm, they went into the recording process without a drummer, so the two took the feat on themselves. The process may have been slightly arduous for the two in the beginning, but everything ended up sounded well. While listening to Beach Farm it's easy to hear how in tune Jenkins and Hildreth are with each other's thought processes. It's a solid, garage pop record that you'll want to listen to over and over.

"This was a new approach to what Gray and I are doing now," says Jenkins. "A new development in our brains to continue through, even with a little turmoil in the process. Something odd but enlightening."

Listen to Beach Farm in its entirety below.

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