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The Devil In Outer Space

The Devil In Outer Space

The Strangled Darlings is an incredibly insinuative name for what this multi-talented duo musically stands for –– something beautiful and sweet sharpened by an overwhelming reality. Here, we have vocalist George Veech, with his recordings of mandolin, guitar and tenor banjo, and then we have cellist Jessica Anderly, who unconventionally utilizes a five string cello as bass. Then, these two collaborate with percussionist Jolie Clausen and violinist Sharron Cannon for recording of The Devil in Outer Space. The result? The cabaret folklore and musical diversity of Beirut, meddled with the explicit straightforwardness of the Pixies, or, say, a classic Modest Mouse.

Granted, that's a strange mix, but let's take their feverish lyrical content into consideration. In "Blue Sailor" there's a priest with a shovel, an eclipsed moon in a lagoon, men with "sand in their hats" during "jellyfish season," all of which is haunted by a wavering saw and Veech's gauntly voice. The whole thing is very Big Fish meets the Nightmare Before Christmas.

Meanwhile, more instrumentally-full songs like "The Devil in Outer Space" allow Anderly's profound understanding of rhythm really shine through, proving their captivating and truly authentic understanding of what folk music should be.

The Devil in Outer Space will be released this upcoming Tuesday, March 1, and don't miss their release party happening at Alberta Street Public House on March 5; it'll run ya a mere $5. - April Ehrlich

Published: February 27, 2011 |

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