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Caged Animals

Crushed Out premieres new video "Love Howl"

The newest bare-knuckled single/video combo from Brooklyn-based duo Crushed Out, "Love Howl," delivers blaring, bluesy garage rock reminiscent of powerful bands like Jack White's side project Dead Weather. The track lives up to its name, with vocals yelping their way through fuzzy guitars, and a primal drumbeat. The video is DIY-ish but drips with animal magnetism, pairing the tune with images of mystical, half-human creatures losing themselves to their mating calls. (Why humans don't do mating calls by the way? Let's bring them back, NYC!) Be sure to catch Crushed Out at their Le Poisson Rogue album release show on September 28 with High Waisted, Caged Animals, and Prima. -Olivia Sisinni

Isabel's CMJ Day 1: Ron Gallo, Wet Leather, Caged Animals, and Weekend Money

My first CMJ day started at Arlene's Grocery with Wet Leather, an NYC based band. The quintet filled the venue with their soulful and memorable alt pop. You can hear an 80’s influence (dominating synth & funky basslines) in their music, but it isn’t gimmicky. Performing alongside, “Yours and Mine,” a track of theirs with anthem potential, Wet Leather also premiered their new track, “Shame,” which had just been premiered on Consequence of Sound. Continuing my night at Cake Shop, Caged Animals were a highlight. The group makes dreamy alt pop so momentous, I forgot I was in the Lower East Side of Manhattan; with introspective lyrics, Vincent Cacchione’s voice, often harmonizing with Magali Francoise, soared over the tightly organized instrumentation. Ending the set with their song, “Teflon Heart,” the track’s catchy melody and vocal hook followed me the rest of the night. To finish the night, I headed back around the corner to Arlene’s Grocery to see local Hip Hop duo (via Philly and Iraq!) Weekend Money perform (pictured). Lead singer Ne$$ was bold in every way, shouting into the crowd, “This ain’t spoken word, wake the fuck up!” Accompanied by Baghdaddy, the two made the audience bounce, but it was Ne$$’s lyrics that were most affecting. Performing their track “Yellow,” he exclaimed to the NYC audience, “Piggy piggy piggies, all I see/Roll around in NYC/And I just try to stay out their way/ We get money in Manhattan take it back to BK.”


Final B.E.A.F evening with Lucius, Snowmine, ARMS, Starlight Girls + New Myths at Cameo

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The musical menu for The Deli's 4th NYC B.E.A.F. (Best of Emerging Artists Fest) is right in front of you - I know, the font is a little small there (too many bands!!!) check out the details here, you'll find all the bands links under the poster).

This festival is linked to our latest year end Best of NYC Emerging Artists Poll, a contest influenced by many NYC scene makers, bloggers and venue promoters, and to our Spring 2012 "Best of NYC" printed issue of The Deli, which highlights all the bands in the "Best of 2012" list.

Today is the last day of the fest, with our flagship show at Cameo, check out this outrageous lineup:

CAMEO - $8/10

10:50 Lucius
10:00 Snowmine
9:10 Arms
8:20 Starlight Girls
7:30 New Myths

The Deli's Staff

Zambri headlines B.E.A.F. Electronic Stage at Brooklyn Bowl with Caged Animals and Aimes

‘Crash, bang, thud’ go experimental pop outfit Zambri’s loud arrangements. Sisters Cristi Jo and Jessica Zambri surely spent many a rainy afternoon as children drumming incessantly on anything around them as their music is partially defined by their large scale percussion sections. Underneath the punishingly thumped drums lie dark, sinister synth arpeggios and wicked pop melodies, which blend together beautifully on their debut album "House of Baasa," an accomplished and truly original piece among the recent flood of New York electronic records. The sisterhood - who recently released the stunning debut album "House of Baasa" - tonight will headline the Deli's B.E.A.F.'s Electronic Stage at Brooklyn Bowl with Caged Animals and Aimes. Door is just $5, so don't you dare miss out, you!  - Dean Van Nguyen


Weekly Feature: Caged Animals plays Electronic Stage at Deli B.E.A.F. on May 23 with Zambri and AIMES

Originally the solo project of Vincent Cacchione, Caged Animals evolved from a handful of rough, acoustic recordings to the beautiful, synthetic soundscape so lushly laid out on their recent album “Eat Their Own”. This man-made dreamland is delicately built on exquisitely arranged synths that pull from the gentler end of the 80s new wave canon, but Cacchione seems less like a new wave revivalist and more like a 21st century successor. - Read Dean Van Nguyen's interview with the band here, and don't miss the band show at The Deli's NYC B.E.A.F. on Wednesday May 23 at Brooklyn Bowl with Zambri and AIMES.


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