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Heavy Hawaii

Ah God, Tender Age, Heavy Hawaii at Bunk Bar 6.12

We’ve been talking about local lo-fi shredders Ah God a lot lately. They’re still up for a vote in our current Artist of the Month poll. If you're still out of the loop, it would be wise to come check them out this Thursday at Bunk Bar. The duo will be supporting a stellar lineup including Portland’s very own slowgazers Tender Age and San Diego based jangle surfers Heavy Hawaii. It’s sure to be a night so full of reverb and ethereal texture that when the last song ends you won’t be sure whether the ringing in your ears is the tapering last note or, you know, permanent hearing damage.

Ah God will be taking it to you hard as always with the energy and tenacity of grunge tempered by the lo-fi DIY sensibilities of bands like No Age and Abe Vigoda. Tender Age will add some starch to the mix and slow things way down without sacrificing any density of sound. Their style is similar to the pacing and texture of Cocteau Twins with Seapony’s knack for a catchy hook. Heavy Hawaii will take us to the beach with their reverb-smeared summer jams. Their sound is like Olivia Tremor Control or Ariel Pink weirdo-rock plus bubblegum surf pop and a So-Cal tan.

With ambassadors from every corner of 90s-influenced reverb pop, this show isn't one you can’t afford to not miss.

- Bryce Woodcock


Heavy Hawaii "Washing Machine"

Heavy Hawaii are a San Diego duo that are truly operating on a plane of their own - their latest single, "Washing Machine", is a disquieting, heavily reverbed pop ballad seen through the lens of a hallucinogenic nightmare. It'd be facile to put it in the same vein as Syd Barrett via The Madcap Laughs, except the instruments are deliberately buried into the mix as opposed to Barrett's clear, repetitive guitar parts. It's as if Matt Bahamas and Jojo Keylargo dreamt up a scene in which they buried Barrett in the sand and recorded him from underground while basking in the kaleisdoscopic tinted sky. The rhythmic pulse is one of stillness and calm, but that quavaring organ bewilders your senses and throws you into a tailspin. And once it finalizes, you feel like taking the ride again. Their new album, "Goosebumps", drops April 2nd on Art Fag Recordings.


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