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Bands playing Market Hotel: Show Me The Body, Uniform, and LODRO

Now that Brooklyn's Market Hotel is back, we can finally have a clear picture of which local artists in the NYC DIY circuit have the necessary following (or whatever you want to call it) to play a venue that's considerably larger than any other "DIY" venue. We used quotes when referring to DIY because it must be noted that the term has lost most of its original meaning, since most of these places, from Aviv to Palisades, and also Market Hotel, are perfectly legal venues: we guess DIY, today, is all about attitude, all ages shows, DIY decor, and - most imprtantly - about the style of the bands booked, veering from punky to psych to experimental or wildly creative, but never over produced. Maybe they should just rename this the "no frills" Brooklyn scene.

Anyway, not that many bands - besides DIIV (too big for us to cover) - are playing Market Hotel in the next few weeks, but we dig the few ones that are. We blogged quite a lot about Show Me The Body and their insane blend of Post Hardcore, Noise Rock and... Hip Hop maybe? Stuff that won't climb the charts, but that might very well be remembered as what was relevant and new in Brooklyn in the mid '10s - they are playing the Bushwick venue tomorrow February 5th.

We've always been big fans of Lodro, a noir, tense as f**k  trio that will be opening for DIIV's second show on March 3rd.

A band we never covered before, Uniform (pictured), will perform on Saturday February 13th as an opener to SF electro post punkers The Soft Moon. The Brooklyn duo's music also blends electronic sounds (drum machine and droney bass synth) with punky and industrial elements. Definitely a band to see while wearing earplugs and your good old mosh pit shoes on - oh, right you wear those all the time... you are good to go then!



Bands' Gear and Recordings: Lodro

Brooklyn trio Lodro sounds like a band with dangerous, dark intentions. On top of that, bassist and lead singer Lesley Hann (formerly of Friends) has the looks of one of those irresistible, Pulp Fiction-style, not to be trusted female characters, while Jeremy Cox’s guitar does whatever it takes to sound as sharp and out of control as a rusty knife in the hands of a psychopath. Since he recorded all the band’s material (so far) in total DIY fashion, our friends at Delicious Audio asked him to shed light on the band's recording habits - see link below.

LINK: Q&A about Lodro’s gear and DIY recordings


LODRO tours US + readies debut album release

In what seems to be an age dominated by 90’s throwback guitar bands, there aren’t many acts around right now quiet like LODRO. Fronted by Jeremy Cox (formerly of Royal Baths) and Lesley Hann (formerly of Friends), these self-described “neo-noir punks” have deeper routes with The 13th Floor Elevator and Nick Cave's Birthday Party than, say, Nirvana. In an exclusive interview with The Deli, we caught up with Jeremy - apparently after the summer tour there's a full length ready to be released.

LINK: Sam Kogon's interview with Lodro

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best Psych Rock songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!


Bands to check out this weekend: Lodro at Brooklyn Bazaar on 05.03

Brooklyn psych rockers LODRO seem to be getting more intensely noir by the minute - or rather by the song. Their latest single "Snake Song" (streaming) is a sparse bluesy track full of suspense and character, pierced by a distorted guitar Blixa Bargeld would be proud of. Speaking of which, go see these guys open for Pictureplane this Saturday May 3rd to see if they are ready to tour with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - it would make perfect sense!


Discovered at CMJ: Lodro - Live at Death By Audio on 10.25

Visceral yet elegant, raw yet artistically crafted, Lodro takes its time to develop things. In a way, they are a contradiction, and contradictions often make for great music. You'll have the opportunity to see them live at Death By Audio this Friday October 25. In the meantime, here's a video for you. - John McGovern


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