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Maggie Rogers

Maggie Rogers takes things to the next level with trilogy of videos and tour

After being blessed by Pharrell Williams' seal of approval, which got a lot of eyes on her and ears on her track 'Alaska,' NYC's songwriter Maggie Rogers is trying to capitalize on the attention by unveiling a trilogy of videos featuring that single and two new songs. The second one of the series, 'Dog Years' (streaming below), resumes the atmospheric, electronic-pop-soul sound of 'Alaska', including the subtle African music influences. Maggie has also announced three legs of a winter/early spring tour that will take her - between January and April 2017 - from the east coast to Europe to the west coast and back, with a final date at NYC's Bowery Ballroom on April 11. We are sure the third video will drop just before the tour begins, in early January.

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Maggie Rogers track 'Alaska' goes viral after Pharrell Williams' seal of approval

One of the easier ways, for emerging artists, to have a first popularity outbreak, is through the endorsement of a celebrity. Yes, because - rather sadly - they are a much more effective promotional vehicles than blogs, which is a reason good enough for all ambitious artists to cultivate their VIP PR skills! NYC songwriter Maggie Rogers knows something about that. We were very impressed by her folky debut album (now pulled from the web) back in 2014, so much so that we interviewed her and booked her for one of our official CMJ 2014 shows (with Margaret Glaspy, who is also getting some buzz as of late). After that, Maggie's name got a little lost, until this happened (Pharrel stumbled upon Maggie's new song at a NYU seminar and fell in love with it). Obviously Rogers, who is still in her early '20s, has spent these two years working hard on a more sophisticated sound (her debut was almost entirely acoustic). The audible results so far - in the shape of new single 'Alaska' - showcase a successful effort to step up her musical game, and are certainly worthy of praise. Still, it looks like Pharrell Williams' promotion of the track was worth about five million Spotify plays, which is a very tall order for even an established artist! The pressure is now on Maggie to make the most of this incredible opportunity, because, to sustain a lenghty musical career, talent and good luck also need to be matched by consistently powerful songwriting. The Deli is with you, Maggie!

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Weekly Feature: Maggie Rogers

Maggie Rogers is a quirky 20-something who considers her songs to be creatures and her banjo to be a trusty sidekick. Fueled by movement and loss, Maggie’s music seems to have grown up alongside her, each album more intricate and more sophisticated than the last. Perhaps the Maggie who self-released her debut “The Echo” back in 2012 was less acquainted with heartbreak, the art of profanity, and the “blood ballet” that relationships can often be. However, we’re happy for the life and for the learning between her first record and her latest— ‘Blood Ballet’ is a near-perfect articulation of full-bodied pain, and that pain makes for some lovely sounds. Read on to hear what the folk singer has to say about her inspirations, her experiences, and her latest release.

LINK: Jillian Dooley's interview with Maggie Rogers

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A young NYC folkstress: Maggie Rogers releases sophomore album 'Blood Ballet'

With the release of her sophomore full-length album “Blood Ballet,” 20 year old singer/songwriter Maggie Rogers crafts an impeccable collection of folk songs that convey an elementary charm. Opening track “Resonant Body” is built around banjo accompaniment, giving it an Americana feel that takes us back to Neil Young’s more rural tracks. Her voice is seductive, drawing the listener into a world of lyrical imagery with a clear gentle delivery. “James” takes the storytelling further with a three-quarter time waltz progression and heartfelt sentiment. “Drift” adds synth strings and soft percussion to the mix, underscoring strong-yet-tender vocals. Contemporary artists like The Pierces, Wilsen and Courtney Barnett all come to mind as kindred souls. - Dave Cromwell

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