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Mall Walk

Best of SF: Mall Walk wins Indie Rock/Pop overall poll (Readers + Jurors)

Our selected jurors and The Deli Magazine readers have spoken! The Oakland based band, Mall Walk have officially won The Deli SF Artist of the Year Composite Chart (readers+jurors) Poll for the Indie Rock/Pop Category!

I know that sounds like a mouthful, but it just means it's the chart that considers both the votes of our jury of "local scene experts" (who nominated all the bands in the list) AND our readers! These guys are acutally a personal fave band of mine.  

Congratulations to this talented band of beings. Well done and Godspeed! Enjoy this victory! Soak it in!

Associate Editor, The Deli SF
Jordannah Elizabeth


Cold Beat Male Gaze and Mall Walk Open For The Soft Moon's Local Shows

The Soft Moon will be making a stop in the Bay Area on January 29th at The New Parish and January 31st at Slim's. Local bands Mall Walk and Cold Beat will be the supporting artists for the Oakland show and Male Gaze and DJ Omar Perez will be supporting the San Francisco gig with the Los Angeles based post industrial band, Sextile playing both nights. We love to see local bands earn great support opportunities like this!

The Soft Moon’s synthy, gothic album, Deeper is comprised of tracks that expose listeners to the dark imagery that wallpaper a stunning, manic mind. Deeper isn’t just your average dark, Bahaus-esque sound but replicates the kind of darkness that can only be heard miles from lights and civilization- the blackest of the black nights. With creepy, gorgeous layered beats, Deeper's tracks all have a similar sense of urgency equipped with quick stacatto beats. The haunting, distorted vocals layered with the foggy beats establish an anxious mood that you want to dance to. You’ll definitely want to come out to these shows as The Soft Moon will be performing his intense, dance floor-worthy remixes. Come out and dance into the darkness! -Lindsay Stickney



Mall Walk Disappearing People Psychic Ju Jitsu and Lorelle Meets The Obsolete Play The Night Light - 6/4

Paperhouse Presents an evening of heavy psychedelic revivalist and experimental music tomorrow night at The Night Light. The Oakland based second floor music venue will host local bands, Disappearing People, Psychic Ju Jitsu and Mall Walk who will perform in support of the Mexico based psych band, Lorelle Meets The Obsolete. If you're into real psychdelic rock, it is important that you attend this show.

While Disappearing People and Psychic Ju Jitsu play out frequently, both bands have a distinct face-melting and energetic live show that will expose you to a more musically proficient side of the underground. These bands will be supporting the talented and trippy Bay Area based band, Mall Walk, whose washed out, lofi and echoey musical aesthetic will fit right in with the rest of the line up.

The entire show will seamlessly wrap around the Mexico based band, Lorelle Meets The Obsolete’s American tour. This band’s style is a bit more soulful, with a heavy desert psych influence. They will meld and mesh just fine with the rest of the line up, and what Paperhouse has woven together will be a real and well curated experience.

Psych rock is not dead, it is in fact, more alive than ever in the Bay Area. Make sure you make it out to this show TOMORROW in Oakland at The Night Light.


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