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Nasalrod makes 'Building Machines' their Mississippi Studios debut

It seems that 2013 was like a blip in history. Back then, people said "YOLO" literally all the time and Vine was gaining app traction, but there was something else about that year that made it special - it was the last time "experimental punk" outfit Nasalrod released an album. Though It's Our Pleasure was definitely a pleasure for fans, their first record in five years is even more of one.

This month Nasalrod dropped their vinyl debut Building Machines, and it's exactly what we need from them now. Nasalrod has always been distant from any strict genre classifications, incorporating everything from noise to rowdy punk to even more dancier grooves to create their chaotic tunes. Building Machines is raucous and raw, with each member contributing integral bits to their aural storm. 

On Sunday 10.22, Nasalrod are playing Mississippi Studios for the first time for Building Machines release, along with psych punk act BOINK and Honey Bucket. Tickets are only $5, such a steal for catching one of the most energetic acts in town.

Rigsketball Kicks Off Another Year Tonight!

It may not seem terribly obvious, but Portland loves basketball. We rep Rip City's team the Blazers to no end and when the suns out, a great deal of Portland residents flock to parks and playgrounds to partake in said blacktop court games. There's one instance in the year that blends two of the city's loves, music and basketball, together. That event is Rigsketball, and they're hosting their kickoff party tonight.

The actual Rigsketball tournament isn't happening yet, but those that head to the Doug Fir tonight will get to peep the premiere of the Rigsketball video, a 30 minute promo video pulling inspiration from old school Sports Center, Yayoi Kusama and WWE episodes. It'll also include clips from 2016's festivities, as well as some specially created ad breaks from the band Heavy Breather.

Rigsketball's kickoff party will also feature performances by Deathlist, Nasalrod and tournament creator Bim Ditson's band And And And. Bands that wish to participate in the Rigsketball tournament this summer have a chance to sign up for early registration at the show, as long as they get there early!

Music starts at 9pm but the premiere of the promo video is at 8:30pm, so be there on time with $5 in hand for the cover. There will even be some extra special announcements before the video screening, for those that want in on some secret info.

Nasalrod Set To Release "Steward" EP & Rocking The Kenton Club On Thursday!

Portland-based Nasalrod are a pretty damn tight and heavy act, consisting of four former members of four different punk bands. Yet breaking onto a scene that may in times take itself too seriously with their sporadic skippy beats, soft interludes and other picking twists, they bring a new sound to the table with which they playfully keep the crowds entertained.

However improbable a hard enough middle-ground between punk and pop may seem, that is exactly where they stand. It's fun like rock 'n' roll should be, experimental, surprising, and although the blend might in words sound like a long shot, it's actually very effective! Roaring away like Tenacious D's Jack Black, grimacing and gesticulating, lead singer Chairman's stage antics alone are probably worth your while. But see for yourself, as they'll be playing The Kenton Club for free this Thursday, and a couple of other shows around town during the first two weeks of July to celebrate the release of “Steward”, their first EP with current L.A-born drummer Spit Stix (out 7/1!).- Tracy Mamoun


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