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Noble Firs

PALS FEST 2014 Announcement Show + Fundraiser

Back for it's third year of madness, PALS FEST 2014 will take place August 9th through 17th. The festival serves up a week of debauchery, hosting shows every night of the week at different venues across town featuring the best of Portland music, then culminates in a weekend-long party at PALS Clubhouse featuring the same bands from the previous week but packed into an intimate cul-de-sac and backyard setting. 

Still interested? The lineup for PALS FEST 2014 will be announced TONIGHT at the Firkin Tavern! The announcement will be celebrated by live solo performances and a ridiculous drunken krautrock jam session by members of Sama Dams, Old Age, Noble Firs, The We Shared Milk and The Domestics. The announcement party will also serve as a fundraiser for the show to help pay for bands, permits, port-o-johns, etc. There will also be an auction with proceeds going to PALS FEST, with items including: a famed and signed photo of Talkative (shot by Todd Walberg), Banana Stand Media swag, Rigsketball swag, various local band merch, AND a free pizza! Party on dudes!

- Travis Leipzig

Noble Firs Release 'Floating Fortress' EP

On June 7th, Noble Firs will release their fourth EP since just 2013. Opening title track "Floating Fortress" is a warm, dancy pop number that gives playfull nods to the ofttimes drabness of reality - I'll likely never own a vacation home in the woods with a big ass tv, and my college debt isn't going to take care of itself. Immediately following, "Elephant Suit" boasts  verbed-out surfy guitar riffs suitable for a summer day on the beach. "Arcane Books" is a strong indy rock number number with powerful drums, harmonizing vocal melodies and a twangy guitar solo finale.

Join in the celebration this Saturday at the Firkin Tavern as Noble Firs release Floating Fortress. Sharing the stage with them are local favorites and friends of the Deli Portland, Hands In, Psychomagic and Cambrian Explosion. The show begins at 9pm and is free, so you'll have more money for tall boys and band merch.   

- Travis Leipzig

Album Review: Rockoon by Noble Firs

For those with a hankering for island/psych/surf jams, direct your attention to Rockoon, the newest effort from The Noble Firs. According to front man Jeremiah Brunnhoelzle, these Portland based boys were formed due to a serendipitous mix of craigslist and “lots of Portland mingling.” After adding a new drummer Nic Kohagen (contributor to hip hop project, SMAK BANG) in July, the band was itching to release some new material. This combined with the opportunity to record with producer Nori Lockhart (of Cambrian Explosion) made for a promising release. The group describes their sound as “major key chill with a splash of surf”, but there seems to be more beneath the surface. The record boasts shimmering intricacies of guitar and drum work fastened tight like stained glass into quick-pulse rhythms. The first track, “Love’s For The Birds” successfully splices a subdued, pulsing verse with an epic, cascading crash of a chorus full of vocal and guitar harmonies that verge on post rock. “Boy in a Man Suit” features lots of nice, tight rhythmic interplay between guitars and bass with even a little percussion (kongas/bongos) break in the middle. The “surf” influence is most potent in “Feathered Feet”, a throwback romp of 60s surf rock/Beatles mash-up and “Lemming Long Jumps” which features nice guitar/vocal doubling and a mid-break into a surf-groove bridge. The Noble Firs are DIY at the moment, so support the sound and the movement by popping over to their bandcamp page and checking out their tunes! - Ted Jamison


Noble Firs Residency at the Firkin Tavern

Noble Firs play a laid back variation of the indie-rock genre that’s as likely to induce swaying bodies as it is headbanging enthusiasts. Their latest release, Moss Mouth, is a three track showcase of bright guitar tones, kinetic drumming and animated vocals that move between breezy verses and moments of turbulence that seem to be designed to move an audience. If you’d like to be part of that moving audience this is a good month for you. The Noble Firs have taken up a residency at the Firkin Tavern (making it the Noble Firkin Tavern?) and will be performing there for the next two Saturdays, ending in their record release show on November 30th. Catch them this Saturday night with Autonomics and Ghost Frog. - Benjamin Toledo


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