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Oh Malo

A Deli Premiere: Oh Malô release ambient alt-rock “Young Orchard” EP

Beginning with the stream of bubbling, delayed guitar that opens “Don’t Look, Don’t Stare” it’s immediately clear that Oh Malô has a taste for ambience. Complete with generously textural guitar work—ranging from endlessly looped arpeggios to atmospheric swells—and an airy vocal delivery, the band’s follow-up to its 2016 debut LP aims for expansive, spacious compositions. At the same time, Oh Malô plays with a bright and, at times, almost lilting feel that keeps the group’s post-rock tendencies in a clear frame of reference. Fans of other experimental-leaning alt-rock acts will feel right at home with “Young Orchard” as vocal harmonies and syncopated drums abound. “Young Orchard” is out May 4, but you can stream it in advance of its release below. Don't miss the band's release party at Elsewhere on May 8th– Cameron Carr

Oh Malô releases electronic single "As We Were," plays Alphaville on 03.26

Oh Malô's newest single is full of a dark, frenetic energy that quickly becomes trance-inducing. It’s a welcome new sound for the band, one that shows a more mature vision of the core elements from 2016’s As We Were. The music is as expansive as ever, but the act exchanged their former delicacy for the darkness and tension that comes with a more industrial aesthetic - it's an evolution we find very exciting. Check out Oh Malô at Alphaville alongside the dream-pop duo Lillet Blanc, on  March 26th.-- Amanda Ogea


Oh Malô bring their soulful and dreamy sound to Great Scott on 8/26

A book review of one of Murukami's novels once said his work was influenced by so many writers it ended up being incredibly original. There's some truth to that description, and it might just apply to Boston band Oh Malô as well. They have sound that's very difficult to pin the tail on, but perhaps taking an index of the components and parts would help. On their latest LP, As We Were their guitars are deeply atmospheric with a light psych feel. The vocals are deeply soulful, and wouldn't feel out of place on any RnB track. The rhythm section, though, is downright muscular, emboldening the sound with an alt or even prog-rock flavor.  The easiest comparison to make would be to Local Natives, but that doesn't help much either, considering they to deftly evade most categorization also. Suffice to say, Oh Malô make quality music that sounds familiar and fresh all at once. You can see them live at Great Scott on 8/26. — Henry Solotaroff-Webber

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