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Old Light

Sunday Sounds: Sallie Ford - "Get Out"

One of the city's biggest pride and joys, Sallie Ford, has been relatively low key following her split with the Sound Outside and the release of 2014's Slap Back. Over these last couple of years we knew deep down Ford wasn't laying her musical abilities to rest and this month, along with the release of a new single, she announced more new material coming our way through an upcoming album.

February will see the deliverance of Soul Sick, an album of emotive reflection featuring a slew of talented Portlanders that helped bring it to life. Ford found herself at Type Foundry Studio where she solicited the help of Mike Coykendall along with his brother John, Kirk Hamilton, Garth Klippert of Old Light, Ben Nugen of Dolorean, Kris Doty of Modern Kin and helping hand to Tom Waits and the B-52's Ralph Carney in bringing instrumental talent and production smarts to the process. 

On what Soul Sick is all about, Ford said:

This is a confessional album about struggling with my issues — some that I’ve overcome and some that I still carry around. This is an album about insecurity, anxiety and depression; it’s an album about band breakups, major life changes, and what it took to deal with those things. Growing up, I was a middle child and a homeschooler, so I’ve always felt like an outsider. In making this record, I explored what my music means to me, and how I’ve always struggled with feeling the pressure of not being good enough and wanting to quit. On these new songs, it felt good to write on one theme and from one place. All in all, Soul Sick has taught me a lot about myself and helped me to heal.

Soul Sick will be out via Vanguard Records on February 10. Give the first track from the album, "Get Out," a listen below.

4th of July with Old Light, XDS, Bearcubbin'! and Talkative

Exercise your right to party this Freedom Day at a block-wide festival thrown outside Bunk Bar (SE Taylor and Water ave). Along with all the necessary 4th of July features, i.e. fireworks, beer, barbecuing, flag-waving, and general revelry, there will also be live music from Old Light, XDS, Bearcubbin'!, and Talkative. Yes, there will be services to excite all five senses this Stars and Stripes Day, and chillin out to Old Light’s dreamy psych pop may just inspire a sixth if you know what I mean. They’re headlining the show, and if you haven’t heard these guys yet, get with the program; it’s like having our very own Portland garage infused Wooden Shjips. 

Starting off at 5pm sharp is Talkative, the first indie space punk band to be fully endorsed by Thomas Jefferson himself. Their quintessentially American unapologetic, devil-may-care style is the perfect preamble to a night of nationalistic pride. Up next, test your understanding of music theory with Bearcubbin’s jazzy, arcane, math rock. Then XDS starts the cerebral fireworks show with their kooky brand of world psych pop. With just enough of a hook to grasp onto, their music takes you on a journey through a vortex of texture, syncopation, and effects. Old Light will close out the block party with a punctuational cannon blast, before your inebreated meanderings take your night in a new direction (go to PALS Clubhouse immediately after for a killer secret house show!). 

- Bryce Woodcock 

Wooden Indian Burial Ground // Old Light // AU Dunes // 5.21.14

Wooden Indian Burial Ground does a memorable job of overstepping our tolerance, and that goes beyond our sense of hearing. This is a good thing. The three-piece has a way of introducing listeners to another world and continues to expand that imagination. The fuzz is dense enough that for those unfamiliar, it might be hard to take in at first. Get past that initial shock and you'll be able to decipher the subtleties that draw admirers back. Nothing about it is emotionally neutral. Each musician involved has a built in intuition to keep the intensity going at all cost. If the city began to burn, Wooden Indian Burial Ground would play until the end. 

This Wednesday night, they kick off their tour at Bunk Bar with Old Light and AU Dunes. The band has been slowing down live performance dates in the city so the chance to experience this is fading fast. Show starts at 9 and cover is $6. 
- Colette Pomerleau 

New Moss Records Celebrates "Hits Vol 1" with Three Release Parties

Portland's infamous New Moss Records are rolling out a new compilation cassette series titled "HITS." Featuring songs the label's favorite bands from Portland and beyond, the first installment of the series, "HITS Volume 1," features thirteen tracks including six unreleased tracks by Grandparents, Wimps, Old Light, Spookies, Summer Cannibals and Natural Blonde. Also featured on the compilation are tracks by Charts, The We Shared Milk, XDS, Wooden Indian Burial Ground, Still Caves, And And And, and Sad Horse. The cassettes are priced at $6, but only 300 copies will be made so don't be a slow-poke in picking one up. You can pre-order HITS Vol. 1 here, or, if you're the smart type you can go to one, two or all three of New Moss Records' masterfully curated compilation release parties this weekend to pick up a cassette in person. 

Release Parties:

Friday, May 9th at the Firkin Tavern (no cover): Summer Canniblas, Sad Horse, Charts

Saturday, May 10th at the Know ($5 cover): And And And, Old Light, XDS

Sunday, May 11th at Rontoms (no cover): Grandparents, Spookies

Official Todd Walberg photos from the release parties to come! 

- Travis Leipzig

Party Boyz Present: December to Forget

This Saturday night your favorite local podcasters, Party Boyz (also known as Elizabeth Elder and Rachel Milbauer), are living up to their name by throwing a warehouse party with a music lineup that will make your head spin. Old Light will be bringing their vivid brand of garage-infused psychedelia, Hustle and Drone will throw down their addictive beats and The We Shared Milk will bring the hazy indie-rock energy that’s garnered them some well-deserved attention in 2013. But wait, there’s more! Super secret guests, late night DJs, delicious food carts and to top it all off this party’s for charity. Bring a food or toy donation for a few dollars off admission and live it up knowing you gave a little bit back to your community. The festivities are being held at Manifest Station (2020 SE Bush ) and doors open at 8pm. Also, wear a Christmas sweater. - Benjamin Toledo


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