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Instrumental rock bands helm benefit show for Santa Ana arthouse cinema

On February 5th, local music collective Diy4lyfe lines an arthouse stage with five up-and-coming bands from disparate cities across Southern California. Originally billed as a release party for The Human Machine's Patterns, the event was postponed to add Young Lovers with Hollow Ran, Pedestrian, and Twentytwofourteen (who recently released the "Please Go Quietly" EP). Each band performs with their own projections, along with a special music video premiere by live-loop duo Time and Energy.

The show is one of many efforts to fundraise for The Frida Cinema, a non-profit community-driven arthouse cinema in Santa Ana. Founded in 2014 by director and OC native Logan Crow, The Frida Cinema has featured critically acclaimed and underrepresented films for Orange County residents. Last May, Crow announced to LA Times that once the theater developed a solid audience, he would celebrate with a screening of The Room. Godspeed.

Set times and ticket information on the event page. - Ryan Mo

Pedestrian's freezing-point depression: Healthy Ways to Die

Aliso Viejo's Pedestrian recently released Healthy Ways to Die, an album that gives new meaning to the phrase "freezing-point depression". Nine songs draw from solitude and capitulation, transmuting the propulsion of Brand New and Explosions in the Sky with the desolation of Deathconsciousness. It's austere, boundless, and cold as the deserts of the South, with thick sheets of Luke Feilberg's and Logan English's guitars that arrest their solemn and soft-spoken lyrics. Hypothermia never sounded so sweet.

Listen to Healthy Ways to Die, released on Sun Terrace Records on Bandcamp, iTunes, and Spotify. Pedestrian celebrates their record release with The Swan Thief, Conheartist, and Ridgeway this Saturday, more details here. - Ryan Mo

Post-rock from Aliso Viejo: Pedestrian announces new album, San Clemente show

There's a post-rock band in Aliso Viejo called Pedestrian, and you need to listen to them. A starchild of Mineral and Explosions in the Sky, or perhaps the younger sibling of Have A Nice Life, Pedestrian's quicksand tones and sinking voices will pull you in deep and hold you like the monotony of Orange County. In late 2013 the four bandmates Luke, Logan, Lee, and Irfy put out their first EP "Everybody I Know Who Skis is Dead", five songs of dark lyricism juxtaposed with clear open-chords, harmonics, and nodding riffs. The band has since performed with DIY collectives like Bridgetown, OC DIY, VHLS, BoredToDeath, and more. Throughout the past year they've also introduced songs from their upcoming album, and recently shared a post about it last week — I'm gonna guess it means they've finished the album.


Pedestrian have an upcoming show on October 2nd at the San Clemente Art Supply with the recently-resurrected Fugue, Quali, Red Curtain, Little Heroine, and Colporteur. Check out their live set this past summer courtesy of Cavis Tapes and listen to "All's Well That Ends Well" below. - Ryan Mo


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