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Sam Coomes

And And And's Bim Ditson to Launch His Mayoral Campaign Tonight at Bunk Bar!

*photo by Todd Walberg. 


And And And's kooky and lively drummer Bim Ditson announced late last month that he's gunning for Portland's 2016 mayoral seat. As a staple of Portland's music scene, Bim's announcement (spurred from a long-running joke) came as a welcomed surprise. Since he's so tight knit and beloved within the community, it's guaranteed he'll focus on what's important to us locals, stating that affordable housing will be the main focus of his campaign. "I want people to be able to afford their rent, " Bim told the Willamette Week. "Things like that are really important to me."


Those things are important to all of us out here in the streets, too, which is why heading down to Bunk Bar tonight for his campaign launch party is really important. There, he'll have all the necessary paperwork needed to get him officially on the ballot. The more people to show up and help out, the better his chances! Sam Coomes and Wooden Indian Burial Ground will be providing the tunes, we just need to provide the signatures. Doors are at 8pm and music begins at 10pm!


Be sure you're registered to vote in Oregon and to bring along a non-perishable food. The launch party is doubling as a Thanksgiving food drive to benefit the needy for the holidays. 


-Cervante Pope


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