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sons of huns

Preview: Sons of Huns at Club 21 on 12.12

Sons of Huns and Glitter Wizard will be conjuring evil spirits on Friday December 12 at Club 21. It might as well be Friday the 13th. Club 21, a local favorite could not be a more fitting venue for an evening of evil stoner metal filled with precision fuzz riffs and high caliber musicianship. 

Making their way from San Francisco is Glitter Wizard. Their sound pairs so well with Sons of Huns that I wouldn't be surprised if they did a split release or toured the Netherlands together. Carrying the torch of 70s heavy metal, Glitter Wizard dip heavy into some dark psych sounds that I recommend for your next spin with a Ouija. Not sure if an acoustic guitar will be riding up from San Francisco with them, but the track from their 2012 release Hunter Gathers, “Sunlit Wolves”, would make it well worth it. It’s a standout track and departure from their self-described “pink metal” that channels from some Forever Changes era Arthur Lee. 

Local favorites Sons of Huns need no introduction. Pete Hughes riffs conduct mini dark art symphonies. Here is hoping their track “Rollin’ the Dice” gets put on the next Guitar Hero game and helps pave the wave for a new generation of face melting shredders. 



Sons of Huns Live at Devils Point 10.22

Some things are just meant to go together... mac and cheese; whiskey and fightin'; Yin and Yang; and of course Rock n' Roll and babes! This Wednesday night, The Devils Point strip club presents the latter: live, cut-throat, riff-heavy metal by Sons of Huns, who will be accompanied by the infamous badass, mowhawk yielding, tattood nudie dancer, Malice. The Huns are sure to fill out this small, single dance stage club with their raucous sounds and rowdy fans alike. Having spent a good chunk of the past year touring the States and playing with various huge names in the metal scene such as Andrew W.K, Danava, Kadavar, Graveyard, Wolfmother, and Saint Vitus to name a few, SOH only have a few remaining shows to play for us this year here in Portland before they hunker back down to record a follow up to their slaying debut album, Banishment Ritual. And what more could you ask for than such an intimate show with live nudes? 10pm, Wednesday night 10.22, $5 cover.

- Travis Leipzig


Rigsketball 2014: Rock 'N Roll 'N Basketball

It would be hard for someone to argue against the statement that Portland has its quirks. When you throw in​ creative individuals who desire a strong sense of community, you get magic. You get someone like Bim Ditson. He's gone on to be one of the stand-out innovators in the Portland music and arts communities. His invention? Rigsketball (and lots of amazing music and chainmail accessories).

You might've seen Rigsketball before, especially if you hang around local music venues. There's only one brightly-painted van with a hoop attached. The game is seriously defined as "a yearly bracket style basketball tournament played between Portland bands at locations across the city on a regulation height hoop attached to the back of a van." What happens next? Music.

Semifinals and finals will occur in the parking lot of The East Portland Eagles Lodge this Friday, July 25th at 5pm​. Live performances by six of our favorite Portland artists, Bearcubbin', Sons of Huns, The Ghost Ease, And And And, Talkative and Old Age and they can be experienced between two stages. Everything is free. Everything. See you there.

For further inquiries, check out a rad writeup that VICE recently did on the subject, here, or check out this video.
- Colette Pomerleau

There's Still Time to Go to the Ball

Who throws the biggest ball of them all? You know it's Portland. We have several ballrooms to spin and bounce in and we revel in our abounding culture of local music and amazing breweries. What better way to celebrate than at the 2nd Annual Malt Ball within The Wonder Ballroom? It's an all day thing if you can handle it, with a whopping performance of 12 bands and 26 participating breweries. Or you can split it up into two sessions (2pm-7pm, 7:30-Midnight) if you’re like, a wussy, or have a job or something. There is a barrel aged, Belgian sour from Old Market Pub and Brewery, sweetened up with some cherries to taste with the "Exotic Cakes" of Minden. Or how about a black bock (6.66 percent ABV) from Gigantic Brewing, paired with Suns of Huns? A fuzzy sunny citrus ale from The Commons accompanying the psychedelic rock of Wooden Indian Burial Ground?  Dancing? Get on it.... - Brandy Crowe

Sons Of Huns Play PDX Pop Now

Sons of Huns rock in a way a lot of bands in this city wish they did. Their heavy guitar riffs, explosive drumming and lo-fi vocals channel some of the most visceral elements of rock music and inspire a live show full of banging heads and friendly mosh pits. It’s the sort of music that could move even the most timid of listeners to rock out without even the slightest bit of apprehension. Sons of Huns will be playing the final night of the fantastic PDX Pop Now festival at 5:30 pm; go for what’s sure to be a face-melting performance.- Benjamin Toledo


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