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Stringer unleash new album full of passionate power

Stringer have their fiery gaze set on a variety of things on their newest album My Bad, and each target that's caught in their sights gets scorched in their vision. They jump from blistering punk on “Intro” to a song indicting the entire United States within the span of the first two songs. It’s the type of punk that’s bristling and scrappy, often shooting off solos and slamming down hooks without regard, but Stringer have managed to inject an undeniable variable into every track. The emotional core at the heart of each song can be felt in the sheer power of their musicianship, yet it’s the grander ideas and themes that amend each melody that make their impact greater. The standout song “Ghosts” exemplifies this best; thudding drums precipitate the snarling vocals and spirited hook that rail against the whitewashed memories of the old New York. They play up the decrepit and sleazy side that’s seemingly been forgotten but paint those features as the reason why you should love it. The ugliness is sacred, and their energy delivering this mantra is palpable. My Bad is a record that crafts songs with earnest themes of political unrest and change but does it with a precise volatility that’s simultaneously addicting and charming. You can stream the music video for “Ghosts” below. -Tucker Pennington


Stringer brings '90s flavored indie to Shea Stadium on 03.04

Looking at their social media pages, Stringer seems to be having a blast. They are playing shows, traveling, dressing up, and enjoying the company of cute dogs (yeah, even rockers have their soft spots). The quartet released debut EP “Dead Ass” back in 2015. The album consists of six tracks overflowing with distorted guitars, grounded in '90s influences ranging from grunge to slak rock. These guys are also living it up (the DIY way) on March 4th when they play Shea Stadium with No Parents, Surfbort, and Plain Dog. - Jocelyn Huggler


Stringer rises from the ashes of Heeney: live at Shea Stadium on 6.21

Stringer’s members are no stranger to the NYC DIY music scene. The Brooklyn-based four piece features several ex-members of Heeney (Max Kagan, Mark Fletcher, and John Spencer) and J Boxer of The Gradients and Bluffing - all acts that got their fair share of coverage in this very blog. Debut EP Dead Ass, released in December 2015, combines elements of grunge and punk, conjuring up a sound reminiscent of early post-hardcore acts like Rites of Spring and Embrace. The EP’s opener “Fear of Death” (streaming below) highlights the band’s fascination with grunge, while following tune “Just Like You” is a brief track characterized by swift, pounding drums and a snotty punk vocal delivery. These two songs exemplify the range within Boxer, Fletcher, and Kagan operate when sharing songwriting and vocal duties, layering their unique personalities and voices with Spencer's precise drumming. The band will be playing Shea Stadium on June 21st in support of Washer. - John Honan


Gigawatts mag going out with a bang (and many bands) @ Alphaville on May 14/15

1.21 Gigawatts - a Brooklyn DIY magazine that did a great job of covering the scene's punky, garagey and psych emerging bands - is sadly closing and it will be gracing us one final time with their hosting skills come this weekend at Alphaville. With Deli favorites like Dead Stars, HaybabyDances, and 11 more taking the stage we can expect a weekend of great music and spectacular shows. On top of getting 14 amazing bands performing in two days, it’s all just $10. Insane, right? It is always with a heavy heart that we must say goodbye, but Gigawatts really knows how to go out with a bang (and how to give you more bang for your buck). So head on over to Alphaville this Saturday and Sunday for some memorable performances. Check out the playlist below to get a feeling of what you’ll be listening. - Adriana Ballester


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