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Sun Organ

New Sun Organ LP Available for Streaming & Purchase

Sun Organ just dropped a new self-titled full-length album. Eerie, heavy instrumentation paints an unforgiving sonic landscape, which is cut through and given a personal, peaceful perspective by the vocals. That shifting balance of melody and mysterious danger is a vibrant, volatile dynamic. Dig in!

New Sun Organ Album Available for Streaming & Purchase

On Halloween, Dub Sum released a plethora of new material, including Your Doomed, the latest album from the Tim Jordan-captained musical vehicle, Sun Organ. With the help of Dan Angel, Josh Mackie and Zack Robbins (both of Dark Mtns), as well as Maura Adams and Julia Peters, the project finds an enticing blend of discovery-oriented ambiance and heavier fuzz-forward melodies. An otherworldly atmosphere permeates, while one wanders further into the unknown specks of familiarity shimmering in the sand. Soak in the sounds, and reorient to the surroundings. (Photo by Jersey Boy Photo)


New Sun Organ Album Available for Streaming & Purchase

While all of us have had to bear the brunt of bewildering winter climates and the regular barrage of perplexing national news, Sun Organ’s Timothy Jordan has been hard at work putting together their newest album, Something Doesn’t Feel Right. The EP wastes no time showing off its ability to transport listeners to a world of undulating tones, swaying behind mellow machine drumming, acoustic guitar, and melancholic verbal ruminations. Whereas previous releases operated within a larger group dynamic, Something Doesn’t Feel Right carries the intimacy of a one on one conversation, stripped of a cautious revisionism often present in social dynamics. What lets this record stand out from their previous work is its ability to be forthcoming while not giving off an air of urgency, wounded from torment but insistent on addressing one’s woes with an unforgiving clarity. Sun Organ are currently on the road with fellow Philadelphians Clasp. (Photo by Jersey Boy Photo)


New Sun Organ / The City & I Split Available for Streaming and Purchase

Ranch has released a split cassette featuring Sun Organ and The City & I. Each band serves up an original and a cover of sorts. The emotive punk of Sun Organ deliver their spin on Sparklehorse’s “King of Nails”, while The City & I bring the welding of funk & r&b on  “What You Won’t Do For Drug” a twist on Bobby Caldwell’s “What You Won’t Do For Love”. Give it a spin and catch The City & I on a billing for Boy Lawyer, Spill, and Mumblr on June 2 at Kung Fu Necktie.  


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