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WIVES celebrate upcoming European tour with new video "Waving Past Nirvana."

Queens based group WIVES has been brewing in the borough for some time now, but at last, they are hot and ready to be served up to the masses. The four-piece band recently signed to City Slang Records and is gearing up for a spring tour through Europe that will kick off with a farewell show at Mercury Lounge on the third of April. The band’s grungy dark-wave style is in full display in their brand new video for their single “Waving Past Nirvana” as are the skills of director Milah Libin who has previously helmed videos for Princess Nokia and Beach Fossils. Check out the video below and be on the lookout for the 7” out May 24th. - Rene Cobar


New Wives Album Available for Streaming & Purchase

Whyvs is the latest album from the punk quartet of Wives. A rowdy, raw, grunge element comes right at your ears. Menacing rhythms and jagged, distorted guitar set the tone. The primal of the vocals accompanies the jarring dynamic of instrumentation. Oozing with heaviness and intensity, the collection is a heart-racing release.

Noisy indie rockers, Wives, to play Rough Trade 6/6

Next month, Wives will be performing at Brooklyn's Rough Trade, but any facts beyond that are difficult to ascertain. According to the group's Bandcamp page, they hail from Queens, but with no Facebook links, a dead Instagram URL and no other social presence, just who Wives is remains a mystery. What isn't a mystery is that the band is writing some straight, kick-ass tunes that are good enough to share even though details are scarce. Wives deals in noisy indie rock, with an air of apathetic street cool. The band's vocals radiate a Lou Reed-type swagger, talk-singing smart lyrics against simple yet potent instrumentals. "So Far Removed," their latest (only?) multi-track release is 4 songs worth of what the band has tagged as "grunge, noise, pop," which serve as unlikely but accurate descriptors. If you want to learn anything more than that, you may just have to check out the show on 6/6, when Wives will play alongside Jay Som, but in the meantime, you can start your own detective work by hitting that play button below. - Olivia Sisinni

New Wives Album Available for Streaming & Purchase

Wive, the latest release from Wives, smolders with an uninhibited confessional monologue meets a foreboding thunderous musicality. Those raw exposed emotive vocals gather steam against the consistent grunge/noise attack, in essence flipping that fragile sense of openness into a feeling of power. The relentless surge is the natural shot of adrenaline one could use midweek.

Carved Up Take Over Upstairs of KungFu Necktie April 10th

Be forewarned that the Guild is presenting a show upstairs at KungFu Necktie this evening. The trio of Carved Up doesn’t veil their intention; rather, they tear down the gates with a full-bore sonic assault. However, don’t mistake the group’s unrelenting style for an off the cuff invasion. There is a distinct measured approach; an ebb and flow.  Breathe-catching moments have a calm before the storm feel, setting the stage for yet another all-out barrage. Opening the night, Wives bring an inherently raunchy yet appealing punk rock sound. Sandwiched between the local acts is Chicago post-punk trio Yeesh and Boston rockers Lady Bones. KungFu Necktie 1250 N. Front St., 8pm, $5,21+ -Michael Colavita 


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