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Yohuna prepares new album, play Elsewhere on 5/23

The vision of singer/songwriter Johanne Swanson (who performs as Yohuna) takes the introspection often found in personal songs and reflects it on both elements of nature and the personal relationships inspiring it. Her latest album “Mirroring” is set for release on June 7, with two songs now available for preview. Moving away from a previous reliance on synthesizers, Yohuna relies here more on guitars as the predominant instrumental force. The title track floats along pitch-bended chords rivaling the best of any dreamgaze practitioner. Ethereal, almost aloof vocals deliver poetic three word lines on the verses before a call and response chorus reveals the song's cascading vocals hook. Easy laid back drumming gives way to a 16th-note high-hat pattern, adding rhythmic motion at points within the overall dreamy feel. “Rain & Prairie Snow” opts for a cleaner guitar sound while adding simple, reverant keyboards allowing for more emphasis on a choral vocal sound (enhanced by long-time collaborator Emily Yacina). Yohuna's May tour arrives at Elsewhere in Brooklyn on 5/23. - Dave Cromwell

Yohuna to open Alphaville show with Told Slant, Hovvdy September 23rd

Yohuna is a one person electronic project by NYC-based Johanne Swanson that walks the line between airy synthpop, bedroom pop and ambient music. Her 2016 release is her fourth since 2011; appropriately entitled 'Patientness,' the record rewards those who persevere and are not in a rush. Her intimate sounding vocals at times feature brutally honest lyrics, always delivered with a deadpan attitude at times reminiscent of Nico. Yohuna will be performing like at Alphaville on September 23rd. -Allie Miller  


Yohuna release debut LP "Patientness" at Silent Barn on 9/16 + tours the east coast

Listening to Yohuna, the Brooklyn-based project of Johanne Swanson, might make you feel like floating through space - like the moon. Maybe that's why one of her uber-dreamy singles is titled “The Moon Hangs In The Sky Like Nothing Hangs In The Sky.” The track's hypnotic melody gives us a sneak peak into her upcoming album “Patientness” to be released on September 9th and produced by Montreal based composer Owen Pallett (once known as Final Fantasy). In the few songs currently available for streaming, Swanson employs a varying instrumentation to forge muted and muffled songs that seem to evoke the hazy perception of Hypnagogia - the experience of the transitional state from wakefulness to sleep.  Yohuna is about to kick off a primarily East Coast tour (with a couple stops in the Midwest) in Boston to promote her new record.  Make sure to catch her at Silent Barn, where she has been an artist-in-residence, on September 16th. Check out below her grainy video (featuring Swanson playing an invisible piano in the middle of a lake) for single "Golden Foil," also included in the upcoming LP.  - Madeleine Grossman


Ambient pop solo act Yohuna plays Baby's All Right on 12.22

Yohuna is the ambient pop project of Johanne Swanson, a Brooklyn based native of Eau Claire, WI. The artist's output is somewhat dispersed and reveals a very active collaborative spirit: a fair amount of tracks feature also other artists, like many of the ones found in the project's Soundcloud profile, while others are split releases with up to four acts involved, like her 2013 "Clubhous Split," a digital record shared with other three dreamy and atmospheric female artists: Emily Reo, MoonLasso and Brown Bread. There seems to be only one "proper" release so far, and it's 2011's "Revery," an uber-mellow but still playful DIY work full of interesting textures, mostly forged by using reverbered vocals, distorted synths and effected drum machines. "Mateo" (streaming below) is probably the most satisfying track out of it. Yohuna will be performing at Baby's All Right on 12.22. - Photo by M-P Photography


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