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You May Die In The Desert

Human Ottoman is taking over

Human Ottoman is quite the trio.

Utilizing a couple instruments not usually employed by the typical makeup of a band, the amalgamation of Human Ottoman's vibraphone-cello-drum production caught our eye back in February of last year when we premiered their video for "YDKWH." Their vibrance even captured the attention of the bookers over at Treefort Music Fest, of which they played earlier this year and all of you voted as one of the best Portland acts there. 

As for what they've got going on currently, Human Ottoman were on the bands selected to be featured at tonight's Northwest Post-Rock Collective showcase. See their greatness, along with Volcanic Pinnacles, Long Hallways, A Collective Subconscious and Seattle's You May Die In The Desert, later today at the Tonic Lounge.

You May Die In The Desert Have New Album, Release Show Tonight

Photo Source: You May Die In The Desert

You May Die In The Desert are poised to headline a performance at The Rat and The Raven tonight to officially release their new full-length. Imaginary Lines, The Belmont Whips, and Gerhardts are on the bill as well.

Their first original release of EP or LP content since 2008's Bears in the Yukon, International Waters is a formidable document that marks the current zenith of their sonic ambitions. After all, at over fifty minutes of instrumental navigation, the sheer scope of the project leads listeners on a moving, wayfaring journey.

"Six Horses," for example, starts off with a melodic guitar riff and matching hi hat phrase, punching out pieces of the pattern with bass guitar and bass drum entwined. A thoroughly bright and affirming track, its dynamics really push and pull you as the intensity swells.

This band has usurped the alternative rock blueprint of loud/quiet/loud (or vice versa), replacing it with song progressions that are more multi-layered and more unpredictable. Their music lends an air of spontaniety despite the clear hardworking craft behind the compositions. Like the aquatic, flowing, borderless motifs of the project, the music itself embodies a freedom of transcendence and discovery. 

Other particularly distinguishing tracks include "International Waters" and "True North." Their genre cue of 'visual' is an apt descriptor; the ineffable edge of their wordless songs could very well spread your imagination's eye all over the globe.

Be at The Rat and The Raven tonight - Saturday, September 8th - to see You May Die In The Desert and others. The show begins at 9pm and only costs $5. Stream the eponymous track "International Waters" below and check out the entirety of the album at their bandcamp. You may pick it up digitally for $9 or on CD for $10.

- Cameron LaFlam


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