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Alt Pop

Exclusive Deli Austin Premiere: Strange Mother "Young Buck EP"

The Deli Austin is superduper pumped up to bring you lovers of music, especially those with a taste for something a little off-kilter, one hell of a premiere today! From that quirky band that used to be named after Persian stew, and which now goes by Strange Mother, comes the delightfully dynamic Young Buck EP.

This here record is four tracks of gleeful oddball indie pop, its influences and genres all swirled together in a mad pop music science experiment run by a pack of giddy, ultra-talented weirdos. You'll hear bits of tejano, a ballroom jazzy thing, some avant 70s rock noisiness and more, all mixed in with the heavy dose of indie freak rock that is Strange Mother's signature sound. The resulting concoction is a little Deerhoof, a little Evangelicals, a little Man Man, even a little Tull or Zappa, and all good, old-fashioned, full-blown creative experimentation in the form of fun and catchy pop songs.

Like any good weirdo pop, there's a lot to unwrap in Young Buck, if you're looking to dive into something technical, but Strange Mother has also shown (again) with this record that they can make artsy weirdo avant pop that's super accessible and just plain great to jam out to. That's honestly a real damn hard thing to do, and the ease with which these guys accomplish it puts Strange Mother at the front of the pack when it comes to Austin bands that are pushing the envelope, but who can also structure out a seriously complex piece of music.

This is the first this absolutely excellent EP has seen the public, so be one of the first to arrive at this mad party Strange Mother has invited us to by listening below, and check the band out at their Facebook for more from one of Austin's most creatively ambitious and most technically skilled bands right now.

Dazeases plays Strange Matter on 7.14

Dazeases rolls into the VA music circuit in an aural aura of colors, at times neon and then muted pastels. Listening to her most recent release, Welcome Back EP (streaming below), feels like walking through a glass house of dreams. Ethereal tinkling and undulating synths permeate the tracks as wispy sighs tread lightly over them and electronic sputters pierce through. The EP becomes a spacey exploration that delves us deeper into our reveries. Listen to Dazeases entrancing tracks below and catch her performing at Strange Matter on July 14. - Adriana S. Ballester


New Broken Beak LP Available for Streaming & Purchase

Released via Near Mint, Some Nerve, the new LP from the quartet of Broken Beak, openly exposes fragility while gathering a strength via universal momentum. Beau Brynes's assertive vocals play into the energetic ebb and flow of instrumentation, drawing in and then rushing outward as Brendan Lukens (Modern Baseball), Evan Moorehead (Weller), and Jeff Malt refine the sonic shape. Co-produced by Jake Ewald (Modern Baseball), give the album a spin, and then catch the band tomorrow at The Pharmacy with Pretty Words, Spur, Horse Jumper of Love, and The Island of Misfit Toys.

New Track: "Brett (Maps Remix)" - Vita and the Woolf

Sleek, sinister, strolling sounds are injected as UK producer Maps provides a personal stamp, remixing electro-pop duo Vita and the Woolf’s “Brett”. Jen Pague’s soulfully powerful vocals echo, gaining a percussive uptick, ushering movement as a new space emerges. We’ll keep our eyes and ears alert as more info for their album TUNNELS (due out later this year) surfaces. (Photo by Phobymo)

For Everest bring cathartic emo to Sunnyvale on 7.08

Although the it’s been stigmatized by many, a new crop of bands are embracing the classic emo sound and proving that the negatives associated with the genre do not define it. For Everest is a five-piece from New York that is breaking down the stereotypes by offering a more relatable version of emo. Their latest single “Autonomy” examines frontwoman Sarah Cowell’s inner struggle of desperately wanting to get out of an abusive relationship, while feeling guilty for leaving. Cowell’s catchy and therapeutic lyrics prove that more mature and complex feelings and thoughts can be channeled through "emotional" melodic punk-rock. For Everest recently played a show with fellow emo revival group The World Is A Beautiful Place… and will be playing Sunnyvale on July 8th. - John Honan


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