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Alt Pop

Kamilah releases “On My Mind”

“On My Mind” is a song best listened to with the lights off. Kamilah’s voice reaches out to touch you in the dark like a lover’s hand grazes a cheek. The song is full of subtle guitar licks and rhythmic anomalies that make it incredibly sensual- at times I wondered if it was right to listen to it on the train. Unexpectedly, however, “On My Mind” builds from a simple kick and clap rhythm into an RnB-featuring-Rock’n’Roll type jam. The outro, a hefty conclusion punctuated by some pretty crazy distorted vocals and a percussive breaking point, might make you want to stop whatever you’re doing to get up and dance. Whatever this song makes you feel, I urge you not to walk but run in that direction. -Geena Kloeppel



Balún brings their unique island-inspired electronic sound to Rough Trade 07.12

Indie electronic band Balún is quickly making their presence known - in their current home base of Brooklyn and globally. Their 2016 single “La Nueva Ciudad” was on Spotify’s US Viral Top 50 playlist as well as in eight Latin American countries. “El Espanto,” their most recent single, is inspired by the dembow and reggae heartbeat of their hometown, San Juan, Puerto Rico, reinterpreted through the lens of the creative local DIY scene. The breadth of the genres they encompass is representative of their transnational experience; of their two homes and how they complement each other. The result is a harmonious, transportive blend of island rhythm and city edge, a style they call “dreambow.” Balún’s unique style is one not to miss, catch them live at Rough Trade on July 12th. - Lily Crandall

Cave Mode Shake's "Good Girl" is the sound of sneaking out at night

 "Good Girl" sounds like a song that's about to explode. The chorus builds with a pulsing eighth-note stomp-y kick-drum and a hefty load of guitars mimicking that same rhythm. It sounds a bit like sneaking out of the house on a summer night, driving a getaway car to the outskirts of town with that person your parents told you to stop seeing. Cave Mode Shake are able to keep you interested and on the edge of your seat for a full four minutes, even with a sparsity of lyrics and tangible melodies. The band has inserted a certain urgency into a genre that sometimes feels generic and is produces bands that sound like they're trying too hard. While the title of the song feels a bit outworn, "Good Girl" actually has a giddy effortlessness to it, like a ticking time bomb ready to burst. -Geena Kloeppel


Kapri - Soulful Dance Single "Deeper"

Born in Edmonton, now living in Toronto; Kapri is a soulful dance artist known for her passionate performances and show stopping charisma. Last year she released her first single “Deeper”. The video is shot in a cool area of Toronto around Dundas/Bathurst known for its international food stalls and shows Kapri showing off her style and dance moves with the local crowd. The tune has a real throwback vibe to 90’s RnB with inspirations from Janet Jackson and Kylie Minogue. All around great track/video worthy of radio spins around the country. – Kris Gies


David Darrko "Suffer Suburbia" Video

David Darrko has released a video for the title track from his recently release debut EP, “Suffer Suburbia”. The video and the song attempt to capture to the restless and occasionally hopeless feeling of endless summers in the suburbs.


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