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Alt Pop

New Jo Kusy LP Available for Streaming & Purchase

The Vast Glissade, the latest album from Jo Kusy, slides into a hypnotic haze of psych-pop. Gliding in a daydream state, the songs musically achieve a relaxed joy. However, whilst hovering in the ether, hard-hitting, lyrical messages are dispensed. Balancing buoyant instrumentation with a gritty, riff-fueled core and pertinent universal themes, the album is a soothing sanctuary that veers from reality but still addresses it.

Paper Fairy previews single from debut LP + play Sunnyvale on 09.18

The climactic peak of “You Know You’ve Not a Thing,” the first single from Paper Fairy’s debut album, may be the drum solo-like bridge two-thirds of the way through the track. Up to that point, the song seems to plod through an obstacle course of noise and silence, as if restrained to simmer but never boil. Twitching instrumentals back dark lines where Chris Gaskell, the Brooklyn musician leading the project, repeats the title phrase: “you know you’ve not a thing to rely on,” “you know you’ve not a thing to hold on to,” but the track doesn’t peak until that middle section where distorted drums battle with chaotic jolts of sound. It’s a fitting introduction to Paper Fairy’s debut album, Haunter Haunted, which Gaskell describes as a horror concept album. Haunter Haunted will be self-released on October 26. Listen to “You Know You’ve Not a Thing” below, and check the project out live tomorrow (09.18) at Sunnyvale. – Cameron Carr


Alt Pop

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Victor V. Gurbo & Co
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Connolly's Klub 45
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D.D. Island releases warm EP 'Last Summer'

 Brandon Rhodes makes love songs in his bedroom. Or, at least, that's what the "about" section of D. D. Island's Facebook page tells us. His new EP Last Summer is indeed very love-ly. Frontman Rhodes has a divine, Elliott Smith / Bright Eyes vocal timbre- most of the time it sounds as if he's either just woken up, or is lounging in a hammock. The same could be said about the rest of the arrangement, especially of "Lover Girl," which features a lightly strummed acoustic guitar and washed out, plucked electric guitars. "Watching All My Days" also reminds me of early Tennis, with that slightly beachy, vintage sound. Overall, Last Summer is a great EP for a nostalgic September day- we know those are slipping through our fingers. -Geena Kloeppel


Mimicking Birds Latest Songs

As rainy days begin approaching, you may find yourself in search of some music to suit the changing seasons. Enter Mimicking Birds, and their two recently released song “On the Warm Side” and “Hi Lo.” When listening to “On the Warm Side,” you cannot help but move your head along to the slow, mournful tones. It is a soft, melodic meditation on change and self-interpretation. “Hi Lo” has a faster, more synth-based beat. While each is strong on its own, listening to them side by side provides more depth and clarity on the band’s message. Warm and inviting vocals elevate the music. In conjunction with the steady percussive heartbeat and romantic, airy synth lines, Mimicking Birds has made music perfect for the dreamy, rainy weather up ahead.

Mimicking Birds are currently on tour, but will be back in the PNW starting September 28th with a show in Ashland. You can get more information here.


  -By Avril Carrillo, photo by Jimmy Russell


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