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Deli NYC Issue #55 is out! Half Waif and NYC MixCon 2018!

Attention music lovers!

The new issue of The Deli NYC is out on the cloud (we are at #55!) and we are psyched to have Half Waif on its cover - her latest album Lavander is an absolute gem! Print copies will hit the streets of NYC this coming weekend.

Inside, you will also find a very informational article about the state of the record industry, featuring an extensive Q&A with 4 NYC record label insiders.

Finally, this is also the yearly issue linked to our NYC MixCon 2018, the FREE event entirely focused on mixing advice provided by world class producers - a must for any young engineer or home recording musician interested in refining their mixing skills!

The Folks at The Deli

Mako Sica and Hamid Drake

Austin Label Astral Spirits is preparing to release the latest project, “Rhonda”, from experimental free-rock trio Mako Sica on July 27th. This time the group is working with Veteran Jazz drummer Hamid Drake to a unique backbone to their sound. Mako Sica is Przemyslaw Krys Drazek, Brent J Fuscaldo, Chaetan Newell and they have been performing together for over a decade.

You can catch Mako Sica with Hamid Drake at Constellation on August 30th with Mark Trecka (of Pillars and Tongues).



Footpaths is the work of Jon Rosenthal and his latest project is called “Old Timer (Lost & Reclaimed)” and will be released on August 24th through Monticulo Records . This is actually Austin Label’s first release and they have already sold out of the 25 cassettes they have produced.

Rosenthal recorded this album ten years ago while learning how to use a pinhole microphone. None of the tracks are titled, and the three that are available now to hear are intriguing sonic explorations of guitar and environment.


Psymon Spine to bring experimental psychedelic jams to Elsewhere on 07.25

On the surface, Psymon Spine may not seem like the kind of band that plays spiritual music, but they are a spiritual group. According to the bio on their website, the PSY part of their name stands for psychedelic parts of their music, while the MON stands for the harmonious nature in which they traverse genres of the past, present and future. The SPINE stands for the interconnected nature of the music: the connecting tissue between the band and the listener. The bio reads like scripture and the music embodies faith. A faith that a combination of folk, classical, electronic, drone, and plain old rock music will actually meld into a cohesive vision. And for the most part, this faith pays off. The songs that consist of their 2017 album You Are Coming To My Birthday find the familiar elements of each genre and amplifies them so the constant genre shifts and blurred hypnosis they conjure up always feels natural, if not engaging. It’s music that plays off the expectation of the listener in the best way; it lulls them into a dream state before inverting that dream into a wholly new creation to illustrate the beauty in everything. You can stream their album below and see Psymon Spine play at Elsewhere on July 25. -Tucker Pennington

New Data LP Available for Streaming & Purchase

Have you ever found yourself wondering what a post-apocalyptic pack of roving hackers who speak in Comic-Sans incantations would sound like? Data, the Philly-based duo comprised of Nina Ryser and Gabe Adels, may have just conjured this pleasantly absurd hypothetical into existence. Invisible Witnesses is the second release from the group and follow up to last year’s Divine Creature. Warbling keyboards interlaced with punchy, staccato guitar lines mark the band’s signature sound, with Ryser and Adels’s vocals vacillating between crooning and shouting. The track, “Touchdown Tonight,” feels almost like an homage to the late Don Van Vliet, while the contrasts between recordings like “Give Me Away” and album opener, “Heart So Sad,” display the dynamics that make the album drift effortlessly between jittery grooves and refined singer-songwriter passages. Invisible Witnesses is now available digitally below and on cassette via Single Girl Married Girl Records. – Josh Kelly


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