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A Deli Premiere: NoPop release sophomore EP "Demons' today

Is it absolutely necessary to spend Valentine’s Day listening to "romantic" and mellow music? Brooklyn rockers NoPop answer "no' to that question, by premiering their sophomore 7 track EP “Demons” exclusively here on The Deli. Describing their music as "pink punk, zoo-music, moxy-rock," the band combines driving rhythms and softer pop together in a hyper-crazed mix embracing unhinged wildness.  “Wear The Feeling” taps into Surfer Rosa era Pixies with similar distorted screaming vocals. The under two minutes “Holly” - one of our favorites - chugs along with perky energy as female vocals find the sweet spot between Kim Deal's charmingly intoxicated sounding lines and bigger girl group background harmonies. “Huffers” is supported by a heavy fuzz bass, alternating chant vocals and shifting snare shot punctuation.  “Number One” pairs syncopated drumming and metal guitar phrasings with alternating hyper-angst vocals and softer passages. First single “Rules” builds off a steady bass guitar pulse before launching into a full cinematic explosion. The near 7 minute “Frederick Fleet” serves as an epic final track. Demons was mixed, engineered, and co-produced by Julian Cubillos of 77 Linden, and mastered by NY legend Kramer, whose work includes the Pulp Fiction’s soundtrack, Half-Japanese and Butthole Surfers. - Dave Cromwell


The Deli Philly's Yearly Readers'/Fans' Indie Pop Poll Winner: Deer Scout

The Deli Philly's Yearly Readers'/Fans' Poll for the Indie Pop category just concluded last night. Thanks to all who casted their vote in support of their favorite emerging artists.

Congrats to singer-songwriter Deer Scout, a.k.a. Dena Miller! Emerging on the Philly music scene last spring with her EP Customs, Miller's endearing, child-like vocals stand in the forefront as the delicate plucks and strums of her acoustic guitar provide a comfortable backdrop. Sorting through life's struggles, these relatable reflections give meaningful insight into the mind and heart of the artist, building a bridge between her and each listener. And we can all use more bridges than walls these days.

Krust Toons: "That's Something" by Tedd Hazard

Krust Toons: "That's Something" by Tedd Hazard - please feel free to drop him a line at teddandthehazards@gmail.com if you dig or have any funny ideas. You can also check out more of his illustrations and animation shorts HERE.


New Tremellow/Haggert Mctaggert Split Available for Streaming & Purchase

Tremellow (a.k.a. Keith Abrams of Pine Barons) and Haggert Mctaggert (a.k.a. Braden Lawrence of The Districts) have issued a split release, Doom Paste, whose proceeds will be donated to Planned Parenthood. “Plastic Impulse” unwinds with familiar acoustic strumming, before cruising in a melodic but "out there" groove in an MGMT pop-psych manner, while “Franny” propels forward in on space-age, pulsating, dance beat with modulating vocals. Both artists will be performing at an ACLU benefit this Sunday, February 19 at Ortlieb’s as part of a bill that also includes Straw Hats, Pine Barons, and Mumblr. Keep up the generosity, Philly!


Def.GRLS play Rough Trade on 03.16

OK folks, it's almost Valentine's Day, but, really... are we rockers supposed to give a crap? (Answer: it depends what your other half thinks about it, and how much you care about him/her...). Brooklyn's Def.GRLS, at first glance, looks like a band perfectly equipped to entertain Valentine's Day practitioners. Just look at the cover of their 2015 “GRLS EP,” which features the annual red, pink and white "hues of adoration." The image on the record even depicts a woman biting into a marshmallow of some sort, while the band, in one of their Beatlesy-bubbly-beepity-bop tracks, sings about a... "FinGRLess Lady"??? Can you feel the love in the air or what? Okay, true, other great indie hits have been written about mutilation, and at the end of the day Def.GRLS do also sing about the girl of their dreams in “GRL,” another lo-fi, '60s style psychedelic pop gem. But we don't think that's enough to make them a good choice for your "regular" Valentine's day - and that's probably why their upcoming show is NOT on February14th, but a month and two days later, at Rough Trade, on March 16th. Check out their recent single Krampus, streaming below. - Jocelyn Huggler


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