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PREMIERE: bdRm - "She Comes in Waves II"

 No Movement Records is ironically making tons of moves, especially by way of label founder Jeremy Wilkins. Not only is he a very active member in two of the label's bands We Are Parasols and Hawks Do Not Share, but he's since taken elements of both projects to create yet another, called bdRm.

The first bdRm release, Are You Friendly?, explored dark and moody 'jazztronica' with existential themes flooding throughout the album's lyrical content. This time around, we're bringing to your ears a new bdRm track from the recently dropped Identité.

Identité is a conceptual darkwave album based on personal identity. It's considerably broken down into four parts - the first focusing on birth, awareness and early onset damage, the second and third focusing on realization and healing, and the fourth focusing on peace and acceptance. Today's track, "She Comes in Waves II," falls into part one.

It's heavily brooding with a video to match, like a trip through consciousness. Check out "She Comes in Waves II" below and head over to bdRm's Soundcloud to hear all of Identité.  

Big Baby play Strange Matter on 9.24

Richmond-based indie pop band Big Baby released their debut EP Dumb Guys right before the summer in May, and while it only consists of three tracks, they serve as a wonderful introduction to the three-piece’s dulcet lo-fi bubblegum pop. The trio makes use of their short runtime with shining guitar tones and steady drumming that lay the foundation for the record’s cheerfully upbeat mood. Frontwoman Ali Mislowsky’s sweetly hushed vocals create delightfully poppy melodies reminiscent of twee pop artists such as Talulah Gosh. Big Baby will be playing Strange Matter on September 24th in support of Crying! - John Honan


The Deli Philly's September Record of the Month: A Mountain of Nonsense - Them Jones

Philly rockers Them Jones craft far-out riffs and psych-drenched anthems, reviving and reinventing soundscapes reminiscent of the Age of Aquarius on their new LP A Mountain of Nonsense.

Beginning with the steady buzz of “Mended All Made Clean,” the five-piece's efforts make one take notice, as reverbed screams and gritty cymbals collide with satisfying repetition and impassioned diction. As if filling the narrative chasm between Mikal Cronin’s “Gone” and Ty Segall’s “Inside Your Heart,” Them Jones’ album opener sinks deep into the hearts of listeners without pretense or apology. “Hollow Man” captivates in a similar fashion by teaching its audience patience as atmospheric dissonance gives way to melodic guitar and harmonized vocals that paint a glaringly relatable portrait of a man with “wounds to mend.” A deliciously contemplative downer, the track is as haunting as its namesake suggests. Soon after its end, the infectious tempo and throbbing beat of “Outburst” fills the silence, switching the mood of the album from the musings of a contemplative loner to the pulsating heart of an unabashed romantic.

The bluesy growl of “One of These Days” casts a spell on its own terms, making the most of initially sparse but precise instrumentation, before blooming into an audible homage to the genre’s predecessors as well as its current greats. Furthered by “Acute Mountain Sickness Blues” and the addictive hook of “Honeytrap,” Them Jones prove that their metaphors are as memorable as their ability to shred. As the album progresses, the dreamy melody of “My Heroine Pretends” suitably precedes the delectable swagger of “Well Enough Alone,” which serves as the perfect prelude for the introspective depth of “Jennifer, My Plastic Girl” and “The Shrinking Violet Light,” which resurrects the candidness of Jay Reatard and the poetic genius of The White Stripes pre-De Stijil.

Ending with the delectably menacing “Now I Become Death” and trippy glory of “These Canyons,” A Mountain of Nonsense should be considered quintessential for any music lover. Them Jones’ official debut LP is well-deserving of heavy rotation and adoration. - Dianca London

Debut Permanent Body EP Available for Streaming & Download

Barrett Lindgren (Ghost Light) is back fronting his new project Permanent Body, where he is joined by Loose Tooth's Kyle Laganella on guitar and Kiani Sorouri on bass and Robyn Campbell (Blowdryer) hitting the skins. On their self-titled debut EP, the group balance the unraveling, infectious breakouts with a reeled-in, lyrical eye for isolation. Admitting personal shortcomings, reflecting on words left unsaid, miscommunications, etc., the album serves as a melodic collection of catharsis. Permanent Body will be performing next in Philly on Sunday, September 25 at PhilaMOCA with LVL UP and Marge.


Aye Nako plays Market Hotel on 9.15

Punks have always been the misfits and outcasts of society screaming for change, so it's no surprise that in 2016 some of the best punk bands are writing about gender, race, and sexual identity. Brooklyn’s Aye Nako tackle these issues on their latest EP The Blackest Eye through the pop punk lens, which has been long dominated by white males. Released on Don Giovanni Records, the four-piece's new EP features subtly catchy punk songs while addressing deeply personal and important themes about society's views on the LGBTQ community, sexaul abuse, and the white dominated society. Instrumentally, the band pulls from 90’s grunge and lo-fi acts such as Sebadoh, making use of off kilter melodies on the track “Kill Switch” and “Human Shield” to create a jumbled disorienting effect while still employing melodic hooks. Aye Nako will be playing Market Hotel on September 15th, and will be appearing at the New Alternative Music Festival in Asbury, NJ on September 16th! - John Honan


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