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All Your Sisters touring Eastern Europe in support of sophomore album 'Uncomfortable Skin'

Those of you enamoured with the minimalistic and suspenceful sound of early post punk (think Joy Division, Bauhaus and The Cure from the Pornography years) should check out San Francisco's duo All Your Sisters, who released their second full length album 'Uncomfortable Skin' this past summer and is currently touring the whole of Europe, a land inhabited by music fans who, on average, appreciate that sound more than Americans do. The tour is a month long, 25+ date tour de force, and has already taken them from Germany to Moscow in two weeks. After playing St. Petersburg and Zurich back to back in the last two days, they'll head to Zagreb, Basel, Paris, Amsterdam, up to Helsinki, and back east again to Warsaw and Berlin. Legendary stuff! They'll be back in the US in December with a show at LA's The Echo on the 4th.


Buzz Alert: Sneaks crafts minimalist punk on debut "Gymnastics"

Sneaks, the one-woman project of Eva Moolchan, produces music that seems mezmirzingly simple, but is wildly potent. Gymnastics, the latest LP from the artist, is a bass-driven/drum machine-backed work that could probably be loosely filed under "avant-punk." But while the album feels like it encapsulates part of the DIY aesthetic, Moolchan's polished vocals--that alternate between conversational talk-singing and hushed whispers--add an eloquence to the tracks. While the instrumentation remains minimalist, her voice fills in the cracks, making you question why people even add guitars to things anyway. Listen to Sneaks streaming below.-Olivia Sisinni

Buzz Alert: Navy Gangs play Warsaw with HInds on 10.28

Having created an early buzz via their raucous live show, New York City’s Navy Gangs self-titled debut EP captures a similar raw appeal. Piercing extended vibrato guitar melody lines and sludgy bass-drums accompaniment create a feel comparable to Dinosaur Jr.’s (very) early days. While “Special Glands” (video streaming) may exhibit requisite “slacker rock” attitude, its central hook depicts a surprisingly direct vocal refrain. “Instant Play” bounces along in that J. Masic covering The Cure’s “Just Like Heaven” way where it straddles the line between serious and ironic. A guest female vocalist provides tandem vocals, smoothing out the rough edges. “Mondays” stomps with Americana inflected group chorus vocals while their instruments capture The Replacements ragged attitude. EP closer “That Party Sucked” alternates between Mascis-level burning guitar figures and softly sung verses, creating a heavy-light atmosphere enhancing the impact of both. The band play this Friday the 28th at Warsaw on a bill with Cold Fronts and Hinds. - Dave Cromwell


We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best indie songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!

New Track: "TAR" - Lunacy

"LUNACY is not Nick - Nicky - Nicholas - LUNACY is everyone, we are all LUNACY." Or maybe it is the new solo project from Nicky Kulp (Remote Control, ex-Far-Out Fangtooth/Creepoid). He has a four-song EP, Life We Choose to Follow, scheduled for release on November 25 via Funeral Party Records. You can take a listen to its eerie, lead single, "TAR," below.


Krust Toons: "Halloween Cover Set" by Teddy Hazard

Krust Toons: "Halloween Cover Set" by Teddy Hazard - please feel free to drop him a line at teddandthehazards@gmail.com if you dig or have any funny ideas. You can also check out more of his illustrations and animation shorts HERE.


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