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Art Pop Brings Candid Charms with Debut Album


"I've got a thousand friends, but they don't know who I am/ because I met them on the internet, but they're all I've got" Art Pop is the result of a collaboration between the Grossenbacher brothers who recently released their first self-recorded and self-produced album, This is Art Pop, which was made in a converted closet. The seven songs on the debut are a bit rough but overwhelmingly and undeniably charming. Descriptive lyrics illuminate themes like a break-up, existential crises, unemployment and social anxiety. Each song in,This is Art Pop, attempts to capture and illustrate a specific moment or feeling, and despite the limited production, the album succeeds in pulling your heart strings. Influences like Car Seat Headrest, Lou Reed, and Parquet Courts shine through in the songwriting and descriptive lyrics. Art Pop is the loveable underdog in a city saturated with singer/songwriters and indie rock but their talent and dedication to music is unassailable.



-Lee Ackerley


spookyghostboy crafts haunting soft indie rock

spookyghostboy may not be all that scary, but there's certainly an otherworldly quality to his music. The project of Nashville-based Austin Thomas, spookyghostboy's soft indie rock has a spectral, lingering quality to it--inspiring reflection and, perhaps, the ghosts of the past to float out of the woodwork. With etheral vocals, and unadorned guitar playing, Thomas's sound is simple, but effective, and commands attention just from its bold earnestness. Listent to spookyghostboy streaming below.-Olivia Sisinni

Spellbound by Spare Spells

Enchanting in every sense, Spare Spells stirs a cauldron full of reverby psychedelic haunt rock and dark synth wave likened to that of a dream where My Bloody Valentine and the Kills are a joint effort. Playing shows somewhat sporadically for a little over two years, the group have but one six-song-long extended play that's kept us under their spell since its 2015 release. It will continue to do so, at least until we see their slated sophomore release The Narrows.

We're not sure when Spare Spells will be dropping The Narrows, though we did see some demoed previews of the album back in October of last year, with a live display of them played at their show with Murderbait and The Prids in November. For those that unfortunately missed the new tunes' debut, Spare Spells will be playing their first show of 2017 on February 23 with Los Angeles acts The Great Sadness and Spirit in the Room at Valentines.

Until then, turn out the lights, like some candles and let Neon/Noir play throughout your spell casting.

New Track: "22" - Narra

Toeing the threshold between hope and reality, Narra delivers an emotively energetic tug and pull on “22”. Served up on a pop-punk platter, the song fortuitously flows lyrically, sticking on a universal tale of growing up, punctuated by accelerating, melodic instrumentation. You can catch the band as part of an Aleppo Relief fundraiser at Space 1026 on Thursday, January 26 with Shannen Moser and Loadcard.


Glassine blurs music and noise on album "No Stairway"

Having spent 3 years working inside a corporate music store, I can personally attest that the sounds you hear all day are not exactly the most musical. It's pretty common to be asked by wide eyed customers how you can possibly deal with all the noise while kids who have never touched a drum set before wail on the heads with reckless abandon. Honestly though, after a couple of months of working against all the clamor, the constant set of squeals, squawks and crashes tends to bleed into the background, and answering a hush-toned phone call takes no real effort. 

But this is why I was instantly interested in Glassine's (aka Danny Greenwald) latest release. No Stairway is made up solely of manipulated field recordings from the artist's local Guitar Center, and before you write it off as a weirdo, novelty album take a listen--the LP is a bona fide avant-ambient record that stands even without its premise. With 7 tracks of vaporwave vibes that feel warm, hazy and exceptionally human, Glassine forces the take-for-granted din of music retail into the forfront of his work. How he's managed to transform the cacophony of middle aged men stumbling through three chord songs on thousand dollar guitars into emotive ambiance is beyond me, but it's a creative tour de force that will have you questioning the line that lies between music and noise. Check out No Stairway streaming below.-Olivia Sisinni



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