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New Track: "With Age Comes..." - MANIK|NETER

MANIK|NETER, the new minimalist side project from Carl Kavorkian, recently shared tracks from his a new EP Mannequin Eater. Leading off, “With Age Comes…” roughly rumbles with a static/fuzzed-out bass and percussion, setting up the underground platform of disenchantment. It’s a raw, roaring, line-by-line appeal to flip the script and aim toward a change. Kavorkian will be performing next in Philly on Friday, May 5 at The Fire.

New Music Video: "Bright Field" - Laser Background

Directed by Craig Scheihing, the new music video for "Bright Field," the closing track on Laser Background’s forthcoming album Dark Nuclear Bogs (due out on April 28), captures threads of childhood innocence with a looking-glass warp. While filtering the memories associated with one’s backyard through a sea of flowers, the video meshes the past with the present. You can catch Laser Background’s record release show, happening on Saturday, April 29 at Baird Mansion Atrium with Norwegian Arms, Breathers, and YCIB.

Record of the Month: Mom and Dad's "I am, Therefore, I Is"

Mom and Dad’s brand of art punk has typically resided within the harder, heavier, fuzzier realms of Nashville’s garage rock and punk scene. As a group, they’ve been largely content to hone their skills as a noisy rendition of the quintessential DIY basement rock band. With all this in mind, I am, Therefore I is, is the group’s most accessible work yet. The album consists mostly of simple, pop oriented tunes that glide through the ears with an ease usually reserved for indie pop. The band describes their latest release as a “a very tender record” and indeed it blows over the listener like a sudden refreshing breeze on a humid summer day. There’s a certain sentimentality that makes itself evident on tracks like “Winchester, TN” an acoustic narrative about a rural Tennessee location close to the group’s heart. If the new album represents anything in Mom and Dad’s career arch, it proves just how capable the band is of making intimate music that emotionally resonates with listeners.

-Andrew Strader

New Data LP Available for Streaming & Purchase

Featuring members of both Palberta and Palm, Philly-based trio Data is comprised of Nina Ryser (keyboard/vocals), Eve Alpert (drums), and Gabe Adels (guitar/vocals). The group's sound is distinct from their respective projects, while retaining the delight, jest, and talent that are present in their other ventures. Divine Creature is a sonic labyrinth, a savory fusion of no-wave and cocktail-lounge musical sensibilities - an album that sounds polished yet rough around the edges. It is cohesive and compelling, a collection of songs that amount to a very welcome addition to these artists’ musical canons, and is now available on cassette and in digital form via Single Girl, Married Girl.


New Music Video: "Plastic Impulse" - Tremellow

Tremellow, a.k.a. Keith Abrams (of Pine Barons), delves into the delightfully strange in the new music video for “Plastic Impulse”. The song, featured on Doom Paste, a split cohabitated with Haggert Mctaggert, ventures into a waking freshness before cascading in a deep thumping body. Loosening, psych-pop exploits are punctuated by a combination of booming percussion and guitar spikes. The video creeps into one’s awareness, piecing together a mysteriously intriguing sequence of images.


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