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New Track: "Congratulations" (Post Malone Cover) - Shelf Life

Shelf Life, a.k.a. Scott Leitch, recently put his own spin on Post Malone’s "Congratulations". Draped in a lo-fi aesthetic, the take dials things back a bit while retaining a residual sense of positivity. You can catch Shelf Life performing next in Philly at All Night Diner on Friday, February 10 with Microsoft Saint, Brittle Brian, and Chef Kiss.

Active Bird Community tours the east coast after release of 'Stick Around' LP

It must be said that Brooklyn slack rockers Active Bird Community - a band we've been covering since 2013, when they submitted their music for coverage through our digital submission page - belongs to the "Spotify 1 percent." Don't worry, there's nothing wrong with that, not at all! It just means that they have at least one song with over one million plays on everybody's least-favorite-but-unavoidable-music-streaming-platform-that-underpays-musicians. The guys actually have two songs above that numeric landmark, with "Pick Me Apart" ticking just above two millions! To impress our readers, we are streaming them both below, together with latest single 'Dead Legs' from their brand new album 'Stick Around' - trickle down sonics!!! Perhaps their popularity is due, at least in part, to the fact that these guys have been perfecting their sound since they were 11 years old - there's nothing like the bond and chemistry of friendship to keep a rock band united through the years! If you dig their '90s influenced sound, you may want to get tickets now for their show at Asbury Park's The Saint on February 23rd, before they sell out. - Jocelyn Huggler

New Throbbing Chakra Album Available for Streaming & Purchase

Experimentally melodic with a space-exploring volatility, Illegal Licks or 30​,​000 Thrilling, Invigorating, Penetrating, Revitalizing Vibrations Per Minute, the new release from Throbbing Chakra, is accurately if not succinctly titled. Released on cassette via River Girls, the album spreads out over an assortment of interlacing genres, remaining instrumentally linked while delving into the psychedelic drift. Catch Throbbing Chakra in action at their record release show on Saturday, February 18 at The Buffalo with Beth Israel, Flea Bite, and Ursula!

Bryson Cone's "Desire" Leaves Us Desiring His Debut

It's likely you've heard the smooth croon of Bryson Cone before. Be it as the frontman of Fog Father, an appearing face in Reptaliens or belting out all the slick R&B jams at your local karaoke spot, Bryson Cone has got a voice rich like butter and a knack for catchily hitting some keys. If his other projects weren't proof enough, his first few solo singles sure are, especially the one coming off of his upcoming debut.

"Desire," which officially came out a few days ago, is a lush art-pop diddy with intriguing effects and a lyrical story centered around unrequited proclivity and the search for a resolution. The song digs deeper than its colorful tunage let's off, layering airy synths with meaningful elements. 

Expect Bryson Cone's debut album sometime this Spring.

Reptaliens Are Your Favorite Indie Pop Band of 2016!

Reptaliens really do rule the Earth.

Some of us probably DO feel like the lizard elite run everything, or at the very least, the Cheeto elite do. After the way the last few weeks have gone that seems more like an actual fact than an alternative one. But when it comes to who has taken hold of our local music scene, there are a few names we just can't get out of our heads. One of them is Reptaliens.

Led by the lovely union of Cole and Bambi Browning (Sculpture Gardens, Wampire, Brainstorm), Reptaliens has included members from other talented acts like Fog Father, Cat Hoch Band and Lola Buzzkill over their course of their band-dom, but a constant enjoyment can always be found in their songs. A twee-like innocence presents itself amid the lo-fi instrumentation and angelically comforting vocals from Bambi, allowing their songs to easily sway from flirty bedroom pop songs to surrealistic dream daze productions.

As of right now, Reptaliens are scheduled to play their next show March 3rd with Skull Diver and King Black Acid at Mississippi Studios. Until then, congratulate Reptaliens for being your favorite Indie Pop act of 2016!


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