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Buzz Alert: Lady Bones drops grungey 6 track EP

With the recent revival of flannel and plastic tattoo chokers, Lady Bones may be the next obsession for nostalgia-hungry millenials on the hunt for their next 90's throwback. On the their latest EP, Terse, Lady Bones serves up everything we loved about early 90's tunes: churning out packageable tracks with a lo-fi, DIY tinge, that still manage to seem on the brink of losing their cool. Riffs are weighty without being heavy, drumming almost feels primal at times, and the band's vocals are unhinged, even while crafting catchy hooks. Listen to "Weight" from Lady Bones streaming below.-Olivia Sisinni

The Deli Philly’s November Record of the Month: Romantic - Mannequin Pussy

Mannequin Pussy’s second LP, Romantic (Tiny Engines), opens without a shred of warning or restraint. Full throttle and in your face, the full-length’s initial statement, “Kiss,” is an anthem of self-care and self-acceptance, whose teeth sink deep into the spine of its listener. Brief but memorable, the song is delectably abrasive, fueled by heart and hunger.
The album’s title track, “Romantic,” is equally fierce, but more melodic. As frontwoman Marisa Dabice’s vocals rise above the tidal crash of swelling riffs and cymbals, it is difficult not to think of Courtney Love circa Live Through This or Kim Gordon’s angst-filled diction on “Drunken Butterfly”. The calm between “Romantic” and “Ten” is momentary before the fast-paced punk balladbarely a minute in length – unfolds, serving in a way as an energetic and impassioned prelude to the nostalgia-laden “Emotional High”. Straightforwardly heartfelt, Romantic’s third offering is like a valentine or text message never sent to the friend that you wish was more than a friend. “I wanted you to know that darling, if you’re lonely, you know what you gotta do, all you gotta do is call.” Dabice sings in a warm tone that later evolves into fervent screams during “Pledge”.
Mannequin Pussy’s ability to transition between melody and dissonance from track to track is mesmerizing, making the poppy hook of “Denial” as effective as the deliberate bombast of “Everything”. An audible coupling of yin and yang, Romantic captures the dark and light side of longing, passion, and love. “Anything,” a probable epilogue for “Everything,” is a grunge-y testament to intimacy and the elusive and ever-changing nature of desire.
“Meatslave One” and “Hey, Steven,” much like the songs that precede them, are anything but coy, confronting listeners with the directness of an unblinking and all-seeing eye. Ending with harmony-laden “Beside Myself,” Romantic’s final moments are much like its first – unshakably fervent and sincere. - Dianca London

Hardcore Sex Brings Raunchy Sex Appeal & Blues Influences to Rock & Roll

"I wan to fu** the sh** out of you"  is the opening line to the song "Down My Throat" by the provocatively raunchy blues-rock duo, Hardcore Sex. Female lead singer and drummer, Bear Ryan, pummels her drumkit as her gritty and oddly seductive vocals swirl around Grandpa Johnson's serrated guitar sound. The Austin duo shirks the 'bells and whistles' of polished rock & roll to embrace a raw and primal feel that could be mistaken for early Kills or maybe even the twisted, nymphomaniac, evil twin of The White Stripes. Hardcore Sex unapologetically drags delta blues influences through a pool of sexed-out lyrics, and thick unrelenting riffs to create music that would make an escort blush. The down-home duo release their debut EP, You Greasy Devil, on November 17th and, they'll be celebrating the same day at the Hard Luck Lounge with an EP release party for those who want to let the debauched sounds of a wanton bacchanal wash over you.

-Lee Ackerley


Krust Toons: "It's Always Krusty in Philadelphia" by Teddy Hazard

Krust Toons: "It's Always Krusty in Philadelphia" by Teddy Hazard - please feel free to drop him a line at teddandthehazards@gmail.com if you dig or have any funny ideas. You can also check out more of his illustrations and animation shorts HERE.


All NYC lo-fi bill at Shea Stadium on 11.2 with Spit, BEARS, and Jack

Brooklyn’s self-proclaimed “extra-virgin punk” band Spit (pictured) will play East Williamsburg’s very own Shea Stadium on Wednesday 11/2. October has proven kind to Spit; they’ve kept busy by playing shows at The Footlight and the Brooklyn Bazaar. Plus, they released their single “Paul Westerberg” (streaming here) as part of Heartbreaking Bravery’s A Step Forward: Vol. I compilation, from which all proceeds benefit the organization Rape Victim Advocates.

Spit will join Jack, the solo project of Brittany Costa, as well as doom folk group BEARS. This show kicks off BEARS’ East Coast Pumpkin Spice Tour, which runs from 11/2 to 11/19 and will take them from Brooklyn down to Mobile, Alabama. Head to Shea Stadium on 11/2 to see BEARS off, as well as hear great music from Spit and Jack. – Will Sisskind


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