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New Empath EP Available for Streaming & Purchase

Liberating Guilt And Fear, the new tape from the trio of Empath, is now available via Get Better Records. An inviting, pop glow peers through the rambunctious noise. That refreshing, uplifting element, infused with adrenaline rush of controlled/harnessed chaos, rejuvenates. The EP closes by immersing one in the bird-chirping musical maze of atmospherics, as swirling noise creates a beautiful/brutal dynamic. Before heading out on the road with Control Top, Space 1026 will play host to Empath's record release show this evening, where they'll be supported by their tourmates, Dark Thoughts and Ursula.


New Sandcastle EP Available for Streaming & Download

In the ongoing search to find musical treasures, Sandcastle provides a reliable source of riches. The band’s latest EP Bloodstone Mermaid exudes a mystical, enchanting, glam-folk level of intimacy. A pensive, candlelight aesthetic envelops the softly-sung, spindly-strummed selection, retaining a delicate, engaging fragility. On Thursday, April 12, Sandcastle will be performing at Ortlieb's as part of a lineup that alo includes Line Leader, Cookie Tongue, and Cóq.

Welcome home Toothbone at the Liquor Store tonight

 *photo by Dustin Mills

It's only been a little over a month since Toothbone released their self titled full-length follow up to 2016's Wake Up, and they've already played 10 shows in four states (including some unofficial SXSW showcases) in support of it. After a pretty extensive and damn grueling tour, they're back in Oregon for the last little leg of their tour, and there's a chance to see them tonight.

Toothbone's new record is solid from start to finish, where album opener "Homescreen" kicks things off with a mellow, jangly riff and echoed coos that quickly turn into a grooving riff accented by syncopated cymbals. Toothbone strike several chords throughout the rest of the record as well, from the early 90s alternative rock sounds of "Stay With Me Always" to mellowed garage melodies of leading track "Shy Joker," to the prog leads of "How I Feel." There isn't one point of this self-titled release that doesn't please, making it fitting for many moods and numerous listens.

Now that Toothbone are back home, come watch them play the record in its entirety tonight at The Liquor Store with Delia Haunt and Friskies or on 3.29 at the Turn Turn Turn with Jake William Capistran and Lili St Anne.

Dark Tea plays tape release show 04.01 at The Glove

The music of Dark Tea has all the intimacy of lo-fi bedroom recordings—acoustic guitar, casio keyboards, near whispered vocals—but manages to present it with the smooth sentimentality of folk. Gary Canino, the songwriter behind the project, weaves elements from the worlds of indie rock and twangy Americana together into delicate arrangements. The songs gain added emphasis from Canino’s choice to use accents sparingly, only occasionally letting in pedal steel guitar, a guest vocal harmony, or wash of keyboard. With a new tape on the way, Dark Tea will play a release show at The Glove on April 1st before embarking on a west coast tour. Though there are few details about the release, we’re hopeful this isn’t just an April Fool’s prank, get to the show to find out. – Cameron Carr

Kyle Duke & The Brown Bag Boy brings psych rock to Sunnyvale 04.12

In its new singles, NYC based quartet Kyle Duke & The Brown Bag Boys tosses aside the clean, '60s inspired pop that characterized so much of their 2017 EP "Aquatic Pop," and takes up instead a more grating and edgy sound. Without losing their light-hearted approach, in "Ocean Waves" the band plays with quirky synthesized effects (including vocals transposed one octave down), referencing the psychedelic '60s both in the melodies and the arrangement. On “Motivation,” Duke asserts his apathy in typical slacker-rock fashion, although the track is rooted in a droney rock'n'roll riff that's in part reminiscent of The Jesus and Mary Chain. These guy's rock'n'roll history hodgepodge is rather entertaining, check out the two singles below and see them at Sunnyvale on April 12th. - Nicolette Natale

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