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Hip Hop

Yea Big & Kid Static

Earlier this Spring Yea Big & Kid Static returned to the studio after a 7 year hiatus to produce Quilt No. 2. This is the duo's first release since 2009's The Future's Looking Grim. The album highlights creative beat making, aggressive sampling, and lyrics laced with struggle tinged with optimism.

Bronx rapper Chazmere releases cinematic video for “Ten” featuring ScienZe

Chazmere is a producer, teacher, and master MC.  This isn’t entirely surprising for someone affiliated with Talib Kweli’s Colours of Culture Collective.  Raised in the Bronx, he reflects the roots of Hip Hop.  The cameos in the music video are all artists that Chaz knows from the electric experience of the New York Hustle.  He’s about artistry and integrity, and his frustration with the commercial status quo is reflected in his rhymes: “I wonder how many licks does it take til the slave murder the master? I’m drowning in passion, hittin’ that glass ceiling but can’t get it crackin.”  His eponymous debut album is due out June 10 - proof that Chazmere is on ten all the time. - BrokeMC


Let time fly with BCxLD

 The pairing of a good producer and a great emcee is like that of a strong celebrity couple -- only sheer magic can come of it. That's why My, How Time Flies, a music project from emcee Lucas Dix (of Jellyfish Brigade) and producer Brass Clouds, should be well received.

Making music together as BCxLD, the two have got chill hip hop mastered. With the second installment, My, How Time Flies II, just dropping in May, the duo lay out slickly delivered rhymes over concrete beats, resulting in what's almost like the Pacific Northwest version of Atmosphere. Many tracks call for a contemplative reaction, while others just straigh make you want to bob your head to the beat.

My, How Time Flies I and II can be streamed on the duo's Bandcamp page and for updates on when the next in the series is coming out, like them on Facebook.

Devin Kain aka Dozer releases another single - “Love Letters”

Bellingham, WA transplant Devin Kain (now based in NYC) also goes by the moniker DOZER because of his fierce production prowess - as heard on tracks by Grayskul and My Dad Bruce. Stepping up to the mic after a significant hiatus, he has been releasing a string of singles via his soundcloud page since February. “Love Letters” follows a narrative told from a collection of letters written by star-crossed lovers and discovered by the MC in the pages of a Shakespeare book in the library. Its Mediterranean scales and orchestration speak to the fabric of the tale. It’s dusty and sepia and lovely. It’s also a free download - for now. - BrokeMc


New(YC) Releases: Homeboy Sandman, Emefe, Mutual Benefit, Olga Bell and Frankie Cosmos

Here's our usual, "blurbless" appointment with tracks recently released by NYC based artists that are either "not so emerging" (but also not so famous!) or have already been covered a lot in the past in ths very blog, enjoy!

Read our past coverage about these artists here: Homeboy Sandman (pictured), Mutual Benefit, Olga Bell, EMEFE


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