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Hip Hop


Sophagus has released two new singles, “Big Belly” and “Free Head”, this month and both blendHip Hop with a DIY Punk sound. This is the first new music from Sophagus since early 2017 and a very pleasant surprise.

Sophagus is the work of Matthew VonEisengervich and he has been involved in the scene for years as a musician, artists, and clothing designer.


Hip Hop

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Jordan Barone
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Matt Muse “Don’t Tweak” Video

Matt Muse has released a video for the track “Don’t Tweak” from his 2018 album Nappy Talk. The video was directed by Leo Allen II, and illustrates Matt’s vision for the song.

Here is what Matt had to say about the song and video: “'Don’t Tweak' stands as my affirmation that despite all adversity, I’ll use my voice and art to make life better for my family, homies, & the south side. The video is a fun, Robin Hood-themed answer to my question in the second verse 'How a young kid on the South Side gon sleep/When my schools closed & my mayor won’t see me?.' Chicago’s unprecedented school closings under mayor Rahm Emmanuel left a long-lasting negative impact on Chicago’s south side residents, so I chose to dedicate this video to them (us). The grind and hustle of a Chicagoan is what makes us special and unique, with the goal of making a way out of no way, by any means necessary. 'Don’t Tweak' is my ode to that grind and hustle that I’ve naturally inherited from my city.”



Shy Riot “Don’t Kill People"

Shy Riot recently released their debut EP “Don’t Kill People”. Across the EP’s four tracks, Shy Riot blends a very modern take on Hip Hop with surprising elements of rock. The results are at times abrasive, “Sold My Soul”, but always enjoyable. The best example of this is on “Need No One”, where you find the rock guitar leading seamlessly into in the trap beats.


Free Snacks @ Empty Bottle (1/15)

Hip Hop duo Free Snacks is the work Joshua Virtue and Ruby Watson. They released their debut mixtape, Eat Good Tape, earlier this month. The duo talk about living life, drinking, and of course eating good. The album features contributions from Blunt Corner and Davis Blackwell.

You can catch Free Snacks at Empty Bottle on Jan. 15th with Malci and Sex No Babies.


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