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The Wilful Boys celebrate release of 'Rough As Guts' debut LP at Union Pool on 7.22

The Wilful Boys live up to their name with an intentionally gritty and intentionally ugly brand of punk that channels the elements of hard rock, noise rock, and hardcore. Their debut full length Rough As Guts tightly packs their self-loathing lyrics, frantic energy, and anxious howls into 12 songs. Tracks like “Poor Old Mate” and “The Pinch” feature methodical drumming and driving riffs that are overflowing with attitude. The title track contains the album’s softer and quieter moments before spiraling into a head banging punk track characterized by vocalist Steven Fisher’s abrasive yells. The Wilful Boys will be releasing the album on July 22nd through ever/never records, and will be celebrating its release that night at Union Pool. - John Honan


Dark Thoughts Opening for The Muffs at Boot & Saddle July 17

The trio of Dark Thoughts spring out the gates with rambunctious rumbling punk. Riffs often push the tempo, while the clamor of reinforcing backend thump thickens the adrenaline-laced immediacy. Melding infectious melody with an uncompromising grit, the sound is straight-ahead, enveloping in its serious sweat-drenched summer energy, and yes, it does tap into that classic Ramones-vibe, due in large part to a unabashed fun essence, even when hitting on darker subjects. The Missile Toads deliver a punk-injected Christmas in July, setting the stage for the catchy, snarl of The Muffs. Boot & Saddle, 1131 S. Broad St., 8:30pm, $15, 21+ - Michael Colavita


Honey bring their manic psych-garage to St. Vitus on 7.21

Names can be misleading. Psych-punk trio Honey isn't exactly sweet and smooth as you may expect, quite the opposite. The band, made up of members of Psychic Ills and Amen Dunes, plays a loud, tense and distorted brand of psychedelic garage that seem to teeter on the brink of a nervous breakdown. The track “Monk” (streaming below) off their debut LP Love is Hard lives up to the album’s name as it examines the devotion it takes to keep a relationship alive by comparing it to the vow of commitment and self-discipline that a monk would take. “Everything I do/ I do it for you/ Because I’m a monk!,” sings guitarist Dan Wise in the chorus, before melting into a swirling psychedelic finale. Honey will be playing St. Vitus on July 21st in support of Radioactivity. - John Honan  


Brooklyn grindcore band Mary Todd to Play St. Vitus on 7.17

Combining traditional grindcore with math rock shredding and a strong death metal sensibility, Mary Todd delivers explosive tracks that never leave the listener in one place for long. Climbing bass lines are pitted against complex guitar riffs, often threatening to drop off into total musical mayhem, but in a single swift motion, seamlessly return to navigating tightly through the tracks. Check them out for what can only be a face-melting set at St. Vitus on 7/17/16 opening for Old Lines and Prisoner- Olivia Sisinni


Brooklyn punks Habits play free show at The Knitting Factory on 7.16

Punk rock has gone through many different trends throughout its relatively short life span, each trend giving birth to new sub genres that follow the same (angry) DIY attitude of its originators. Brooklyn-based act Habits fuse the more melodic sound of folk-punk and pop punk, with the (angry) sophistication of post hardcore, to forge what they call “whiskey soaked anthems”. Their latest EP The Defeatist draws on the sounds of Against Me! and Hot Water Music with lyrics that reflect on past regrets, unrequited love, and sleeping away tendencies - something slack rockers obviously inherited from punks! Its galloping riffs and powerful drumming, mixed  with the catchy choruses and gigantic hooks, keep the listener engaged and singing along even when the lyrics are at their darkest. Habits will be playing a free show on July 16th at The Knitting Factory. - John Honan


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