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New MINT EP Available for Streaming & Download

Cancer is the official debut EP from punk quartet MINT. Meshing sincere observations with a snarky, sarcastic edge, the band creates a ramped-up, rowdy, infectious energy. Unapologetically in your face, the tracks push back against the status quo, while retaining a resilient, upbeat tone. The album was also recorded, mixed, and mastered by Wherever Audio's Kyle Gilbride.

Super Thing "Jimbo's World"

Super Thing has released the intense first single, “Jimbo’s World”, from their forthcoming album, No Rest. This is the Noise Rock trio’s first new music since their self-titled debut album back in 2016. The track is five minutes of insanity filled bombing bass lines and solos, raging guitars, and an opening drum beat that will get you moving.

Super Thing is the trio of Zach Lockwood (Bass/Vocals), Julian Lesse (Drums), and Peter Norman (Guitar).


Buzz Alert! Animal Show brings punk rock home on 03.29 at Baby's All Right

Since the fall of CBGB in 2006, punk rock (and its sibiling garage rock) lost its footing in NYC, and punk bands have been roaming around the concrete jungle for years now, playing obscure venues while disguising themselves as something else. Punk is dead, right? Not if you ask Animal Show who is the epitome of a bygone era of music with their hard pounding drumbeats, charged power chords, and fabulous fashion sense. Animal show delivers punk rock the way it was meant to be heard, no tricks or gimmicks, and it's currently in a New York groove, having just returned from a tour that included stops through SXSW and New Orleans. Their next stop, which is not to be missed, is here at home at Baby’s All Right on March 29. Check out their new record titled simply EP, out now. - Rene Cobar

New Callow LP Available for Streaming & Download

Ruminating in the grim shadows, unfiltered emotions are released with Collected; the new LP from Philly's Callow hits at the core. Pressing the pedal to the floor, these tracks capture a jarring intensity that builds in quick, effective bursts. This unrelenting collection songs features recordings from throughout the band's discography, along with unreleased "Tomorrow Is Ours" and "Callow". Collected is available on cassette and for streaming/download via local punk/hardcore label Hydrogen Man Records.


Hello Yello’s debut EP, Love Wins

It’s refreshing to find a band so hard to describe. Hello Yello’s debut EP, Love Wins, is rock n roll and it’s punk; it’s hip hop and it’s soul; it’s touched with pop and straight punk rock. Track “Without Me” starts with distorted, Hendrix-esq guitar work that pans trippily across your speakers then opens into emo-rock and surprisingly into thrashing punk. “Feel That Again” mixes poppy hip hop with a pure, emo vibe (even purer is the music video). 

They’ve got a touch of the Lenny Kravitz (ever heard his B sides?), are like a cooler version of Evanescence, and to be blunt: they just have something really likeable about them. They’re young, talentful, creative, and they’ve got heart. Hello Yello is Dylan (22, vocals and guitar), his younger brother Jaden (20, bass) and their friend Martin (20, drums). Come see them at The New Parish on April 11th. - Michelle Kicherer, Associate Editor

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