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Søndags blends genres with breezy Bay-area pop

Bay-area indie pop band Søndags recently released a new track called "Haunted Paradise." The song is a mellow homage to myriad genres: the reverb-laden guitars and distant drums are reminiscent of Motown and surf rock, and Jason Swihart's vocals invoke Joy Division and The Kinks. It's an understated yet self-assured pop song, clocking in at just under two and a half minutes. Follow the link to hear "Haunted Paradise," and listen to "Ghost Woman" below! - Ethan Ames



Deli Premiere: MICKY drops funky new single "He Won't"

If we're going to be honest about it, 2017 has yet to produce a real summer banger. Sure, you can make arguments for a few radio hits, but you'd really have to argue that one of them fits that magical "song of the summer" moniker. However, NYC-based MICKY (aka Michael Persall), might have just delivered the ultimate track to save you from those summer blues. "He Won't," the Motown-pop influenced singer's newest song premiering exclusively with the Deli, is another perfect example of MICKY's penchant for making vintage sounds feel fresh and modern. With smooth horns, soulful falsetto vocals and funky synths, "He Won't" is easily your perfect top-down driving tune. Stream it below, and we dare you to not fall head over heels in love. - Olivia Sisinni

Harry & the Hitmen: classic soul for contemporary ears

Harry & the Hitmen are a soul-laden six piece that rely heavily on lighthearted, loose takes on some of the most influential sounds of Motown. Each member is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist and well-versed in on-the-spot improvisation, making every experience a unique and certifiable hit. Last fall they released their debut album, Deep In Your Soul, and are gearing up for a string of live dates this fall. - Joshua D. Huver


AIERS playing at Pianos 07.30

Hoboken-based post-punk band, AIERS, will be hitting the stage at Pianos on July 30th. The band's only shared track is a Youtube clip of their song, "Forever Comes", an impressive blend of alternative sounds. In the video, the band plays untidy, post-punk guitar riffs against a backdrop of thick, green fog, bringing to mind the enigmatic performances of Joy Division and the syncopated and ominous style of early Interpol. With blunt but driving drums and spacey guitar riffs, “Forever Comes” takes a surprisingly melodic turn, drawing on elements from new wave and modern alt-rock. Be sure to check out the band's performance and the live song below. -Pearse Devlin



Freya Wilcox & the Howl unleashes raw blues-punk goodness on new LP "Tooth & Nail"

Though there’s certain things that are maybe better left in Australia (sharks, poisonous snakes, spiders the size of your face, for starters) Freya Wilcox, frontwoman for the blues-punk trio Freya Wilcox and the Howl is a decidedly welcome import who (probably) won't shoot venom into your eyes. The New York-via-land-down-under singer and guitarist creates music that's brazen, barefaced, gritty, and unapologetically catchy. The band's latest release, Tooth & Nail features the group's signature powerful, raspy vocals, and blistering guitar riffs, but explores a down-and-dirty look at love, loss, and whatever is supposed to come next. Check out "Nothing" off the new album streaming below.-Olivia Sisinni


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