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Girls Rock Philly

Isla Invisible share track “Pillow” debut EP out now

Dreampop is never out of fashion it seems, with selected members of each new generation embracing that classic 1990's sound. NYC trio Isla Invisible have accurately captured the mood of this era on their recently released debut EP1 via Velvet Blue Music. With their obvious (and admitted) influences such as Slowdive, Cocteau Twins and next decade practioners The xx on display, the group delivers in single Pillow (streaming) a waltz with the pace of Mazzy Star's “Fade Into You,” a song that lulls you into a hypnagogic state where melody ultimately merges with an overwhelming cathedral of organs and guitars. It's a potent formula, eliciting waves of emotional responses and feelings while immersed in this ethereal world. Second track “Outward” impeccably captures the male-female tandem vocals of Slowdive's Neil and Rachel, emphasizing similarly styled minor key harmonies. Those harmonies go even further on third song “Frail Device” where soft female voices swirl around in the background and complement the centrally placed male vocal line. The 7” vinyl is now available for order, and accompanying download card comes with 2 bonus tracks. -Dave Cromwell

Pecas explore the night on After Dark, play Union Pool 10.11

Rarely is an artist able to evoke the spirit of “night time” in a way that encapsulates all its mysterious, ethereal, and melancholic characteristics as Sandy Davis does on her most recent effort, After Dark. Over the course of six sparse tracks, Davis, who records under the project name Pecas, employs somber and occasionally haunting vocals that leads listeners on an interpersonal nocturne journey, capturing the nuance of sentiments we all occasionally feel when the lights go down - like a lonely evening wishing for company on “Tuesdays,” or self-deprecating thoughts gone awry on “French Kiss.” This, in tandem with acute retro synth accents and discordant, noodling guitar work, solidifies After Hours as a landmark release for Pecas; Davis’ ability to perfectly fit form to function in terms of the linkage between lyricism and instrumentation puts this record in a league of its own, and a standout among recent releases.
Pecas will bring her evening soundscapes to Union Pool on 10.11, performing alongside Nathan Xander. You can stream After Hours now on Bandcamp. - Connor McInerney (@b_ck_tt), Photo by Matt Allen.


Nathan Xander brings dreamy folk to Union Pool 10.11

Brooklyn-based alt/indie folk artist Nathan Xander was not always so acquainted with the New York City music scene. Born and raised in Pennsylvania, this singer-songwriter brought to the big apple his psychedelic brand of alt folk alt-folk that cuts through the harsher city soundscapes. With the release of his fourth full-length LP, Blue House, Xander set himself apart from the noise with humbled attitude and grounded lyrical content. Akin to the dreamy repertoire of Dr. Dog or Neutral Milk Hotel, Xander’s music possesses a melancholic nostalgia that indulges in the reminiscence of his previous lifestyle and the conflict of feeling torn between identities. Often examining the complexities of urban culture, this coming-of-age album traces the growth of this musician, both artistically as well as personally. With meditative tracks such as “Over You, Over Me” and “(What It Takes) To Make a Man”, Nathan’s stunning sonic atmospheres, combined with his musings on change, create a beautiful account of overcoming imperfection and insecurity. Watch his stories come alive during his live performance at Union Pool on October 11, featuring special NYC guests Quicksilver Daydream and Pecas.

Record of the Month: Odetta Hartman - "Old Rockhounds Never Die"

The music of Odetta Hartman is fueled by creation, no matter the outcome, and Old Rockhounds Never Die is a wellspring of genuine freak-folk experimentation. Spiraling banjos and country pianos could turn into short, tuneful folk ballads, or they succinctly end as sweet vignettes that playfully tinker with sound. This sophomore album proves that the way Hartman deconstructed home-spun atmosphere on her debut was more than just a phase; it’s a fully integrated accent in her music that unravels throughout each song. Field recordings of oceans and trains are malleably crafted, intertwining with the more “authentic” sounds to instill a trans-generational voice to her songwriting. The shorter instrumentals on Rockhounds often feel like ideas that could bud into their own unique genres, blending hip-hop and noise, almost flaunting the number of potential ideas each song hides. This playfulness doesn’t attempt to hide the raw sentiment of Hartman’s lyrics; sorrow and rage and sensuality feel quite genuine against this idiosyncratic backdrop. Old Rockhounds Never Die finds reverie when it digs its talons into sonic territories that bleed together, and each composition is a grove of ideas begging to be explored. –Tucker Pennington


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