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Spirit Plate unveils video for "All Day Long from 'Youth Moose' LP

Inspired by his 12 years in NYC, Spirit Plate frontman Brian Russ found inspiration for the the passion project Youth Moose—the psych rock band’s sophomore album. Recorded in Russ’ home studio, the LP features tracks presented as a reflection of the New York experience, based on everything from street art to architecture. This record is about finding clarity in the chaos (a feeling any New Yorker can relate to) all while experimenting with new sounds and content. In the single “Daily News Headline” (streaming below) the group tackles themes of political and civil unrest, overlaying a triumphant mashup of gritty guitar arrangements and a lively horn section. The band recently also unveiled the video for second single 'All Day Long.' - Lilly Milman

PREMIERE: LiquidLight - "Keep Me Out of It"

 LiquidLight's journey has taken them many places. Tours, poll wins, lineup changes and pretty much any achievement or hurdle that can pop up for a band along the way did, but that didn't stop the foursome from foraging on in their pursuits. Now, one of our Best Bands of 2015 have reached yet another high point in their music career - the release of their sophomore album.

What Uninitiated had done for them back in 2015 their newest, Wicked Radio, should do the same for them this year. The album sees LiquidLight plunging deeper into their known schtick of psychedelic alt-rock, accented with melodic vocality and rhythmic sweeps. They've released a couple tracks from Wicked Radio so far but today, we're premiering another one in preparation for their album release show this Sunday. 

"Keep Me Out Of It" is as enjoyable as any other LiquidLight track, starting fiercely with a steady guitar flow. It's yet another fine example of LiquidLight's collective mastery of their instruments, and another good look into what Wicked Radio will be like as a whole.

Dive into "Keep Me Out Of It" below, and be sure to hit up their album release show on 9.10 at Bunk Bar with Hollow Sidewalks and Down Gown.

Raener release entrancing new single, "No Sun"

A feeling of impending dread surrounds Raener's latest single, "No Sun." The four piece (Daniel Fox, Willem Erin, Zachary Bilson, Daniel Vanchieri) fabricate intricate synth textures that repel like molecules, navigating through a vast, empty soundscape that slowly intensifies. It becomes increasingly discordant, yet never loses its rhythmic footing, as it transforms into a morass of sonic chaos that produces a dynamic aural experience.

"No Sun" is taken from Raener's upcoming EP, EP 1, which is due on October 6 via Danger Collective Records.

New Lowercase Rose Album Available for Streaming & Purchase

Lowercase Roses, a.k.a. Matt Scheuermann, has released a new album. Surgical Pop injects ferocity into the bedroom-folk, lamplit shadows. Juxtaposing an assertive gritty aggression against a serenading twinkle, the album ebbs and flows, catching one off guard in a surprisingly positive manner. From moments of pared-down beauty to jarring jangle, the record, whose proceeds go to the Attic Youth Center, operates with care.

october tooth bring nostalgic lo-fi to The Basement (09.09)

october tooth is the name and minimalism is the game for local lo-fi indie rockers Zachary Threlkeld and Cowboy Sam Gidley (who also drums for The Lonely Biscuits,) the duo behind the project that releases new music every October. Their newest installment is an 8-track LP called easy corners that sounds just as good through headphones as it would on a cassette deck. The album is a nostalgia-tinged journey back through the last year, complete with poetic reflections on personal relationships (“I always seem to turn the lights on you”) and declarations about the future (“it’s alright, I’m not giving up this time.”) Despite choosing to release only one project annually, the band remains active on the live scene and will be performing at The Basement on Saturday, September 9th. - Lilly Milman

Listen to our favorite track “3:00 p.m.” streaming below.


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