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Stuyedeyed (Garage Rock Readers' Poll Winners) plays Alphaville on 02.18

NYC is filled with garage rock bands, but few of them bypass the huge influence The Ramones have on the city's sound, to find inspiration, instead, in the proto-punk of the genre's true pioneers: Iggy Pop's The Stooges. Like them, Brooklyn's own Stuyedeyed, who recently won this very blog's Best of NYC Readers' Poll in the Garage Rock category, have a sound that's not only in your face, but that's also (figuratively speaking) making faces, while starring grimly at you, inches from your nose. Single Mr. Policeman (streaming below) gives you an idea of what kind of wildness you will witness on February 18, when the band will take the stage at Alphaville with Bambara (another tense band!) and Pink Mexico. Check out the recent video for Stuyedeyed track 'Funeral,' below.

Best of Nashville Garage Rock Acts: The Saturns

 Our Best of Nashville 2017 poll began last week with the Garage Rock category and after you-the-people cast your vote, we have the results to share with you!

Overall Poll winner (Jurors vote + Readers' vote): The Saturns 

Readers' Poll Winner (Readers' Vote only): The Saturns 

The Saturns come at garage rock from a unique angle. Bringing in elements of classic rock and blues, they tow the line between the kind of heavy, pentatonic guitar style that characterized rock in the 60s and 70s and the fuzzy, lo-fi timbre so common to independent rock records that have come out Nashville's basements for the past decade. They've mastered the art of displaying musicianship without the kind of braggadocio that too often ruins contemporary takes on classic rock. The songs are functional and refined. Nothing exists in them that doesn't contribute to their overall structures, and even flashy instrumentals and solos act as integral building blocks. The composition is well planned despite feeling improvised, much in the same way retro rock bands like The Black Keys find fertile creative space in the peaks and valleys of blues bars, The Saturns take advantage of the variety and opportunity in every little flourish and riff of a song. 

Honorable mentions go to Thelma and The Sleaze (second in the overall chart) and Daddy Issues (second in the Reader's poll). The full list of nominees can be found under the streaming tracks.

Here is the list of of all the finalists in the Nashville garage rock category and their readers' poll results:

 Breast Massage
  5%   4 votes
 Daddy Issues
  9%   7 votes
 The Saturns
  83%   59 votes
 Thelma and The Sleaze
  1%   1 vote



Jessie Winslow is The Deli's Best of Chicago in the Folk/Americana category

The Deli's Best of Folk/Americana Poll for emerging Chicago artists ended yesterday and elected a single winner for both the Readers' Poll and the overall chart, which aggregates both readers votes and the votes of our jury of scene experts.

Belonging to the "less is more" school of thought, Jessie Winslow employs a very sparse instrumentation but aims directly at the earth. In her 2016 EP, appropriately titled "Bare," she even rejects the flattering effects of artificial reverberation on the vocals, an effect so common in recorded music that, by itself, its absence forges an original sound.

Kudos also to Furious Frank and Todd Kesler, who placed 2nd and third in the readers' poll and also, respectively, 2nd and 4th in the overall charts, separated by Robbie Fulks who snatched the 3rd place in the latter.

Find all the finalist of the Folk//Americana category under the streaming track.



 Al Scorch
  3%   7 votes
 Furious Frank
  18%   35 votes
  0%   1 vote
  2%   4 votes
 Jessie Winslow
  35%   65 votes
  1%   2 votes
 Rebecca Rego & The Trainmen
  11%   22 votes
 Robbie Fulks
  1%   3 votes
 Robert Rolfe Fedderson
  1%   3 votes
 Tara Terra
  4%   9 votes
 The Belvederes
  0%   1 vote
 Trevor Sensor
  0%   0 votes
 Todd Kesler
  17%   33 votes




All local synthpop bill at Bowery on 02.11: VHS Collection, Paperwhite and Corbu

Those who are wondering what the state of synthpop in NYC is, should head to Bowery Ballroom on Saturday February 11. Three of the best emerging local bands dedicated to the most joyous of electronic genres (VHS Collection, Paperwhite and Corbu) will share the stage of that venerable stage - on a Saturday night! Check out their tunes, streaming below.

Giraffes? Giraffes! talk about pedals on Delicious Audio

Western MA-based GIRAFFES? GIRAFFES!  is one of those bands crafting deliciously head-spinning math-rock licks so labyrinthine, that you'd imagine it'd be tough for even a full four or five piece band to execute. So, when you hear that their music is the work of solely Joseph Andreoli (guitar) and Kenneth Topham (drums), it's more than a little dizzying to think about how the duo manages to pull it off. Luckily for us, Joesph was kind enough to give our sister blog Delicious Audio a behind-the-scenes look at the pedals he uses to create GIRAFFES? GIRAFFES! expansive sound. You can find the interview at the link below. - Olivia Sisinni

Giraffes? Giraffes! Q&A about pedals on Delicious Audio.


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