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Bonzie released a new video and video this week called “As The Surface Rose”.

New Track: "Wishes in the Raindrops" - Sandcastle

It's been a little over a year since we've heard any new material from Sandcastle. However, the group has resurfaced to support Bandcamp's benefit campaign, which will be donating all proceeds from sales today to the ACLU. The band will also be donating all its proceeds, and plans to make its new record available for free download (hopefully later this month). Check out Sandcastle's lovely new single, "Wishes in the Raindrop," off the group's forthcoming album, whose working title is currently Netherodes Vol. I: Sunflowers for the Unnameable Daughter, and give all you can!

Who Was the Best Emerging Indie Rock/Pop Artist of 2016?

Our Best of Nashville 2017 poll began last week with the Indie Rock/Pop category and after you-the-people cast your vote, we have the results to share with you!

Overall Poll winner (Jurors vote + Readers' vote): Sun Seeker

Readers' Poll Winner (Readers' Vote only): Mom and Dad

Both of these artists offer a unique brand of indie rock. Mom and Dad concieve fuzzy rock n' roll songs that are catchy enough to linger in your head long after you think you're done with them. They fill a lo-fi, experimental sonic niche reminiscint of artists like Ty Segall, but structure their tunes in a way that emulates 60s pyscedelic pop hit makers like (ironically) The Mamas and The Papas. Both the heavy, garage rock fans and indie radio pop listeners have a friend in Mom and Dad, who don't have any qualms with a catchy synth line or cutesie pop vocal hook, but love to create heavy sonic scapes with distorted guitars. They're master dabblers who love swim in and out of different genre pools. 

Sun Seeker is a collective of local boys who give Nashville its much needed dose of alt-country rock. With simple beats, acoustic rhythm guitars and long, soaring pedal steel lines, they fill a somehow vacant space in the indie scene. Influeced by classics like Fleetwood Mac and Wilco, the songs are mature in their minimalism. Despite the band's young age, they have enourmous talent in crafting beautiful, simple work that feels classic on the first listen. 

Honorable mentions go to Keeps (third in the overall chart) and The Pills (second in the Readers' poll). The full list of nominees can be found under the streaming tracks.

Here is the list of all the finalists in the Nashville indie rock/pop category and their readers' poll results: 

  4%   3 votes
  5%   4 votes
  1%   1 vote
 Mom and Dad
  76%   53 votes
 The Pills
  8%   6 votes
 Sun Seeker
  2%   2 votes

Portland's Best in Electronica/Experimental for 2017: Gold Casio and Abronia

 We're steadily trudging through our polls for the bands all of you loyal participants in the Portland scene considered the best in music from last year. We tackled the electronic and experimental poll with this last round and we're happy to announce our top winners (though you ALL our in our books!). Congrats to...

Gold Casio for winning the overall poll (which is our local jurors' votes + the readers' poll votes) and Abronia for winning our readers' poll!

Likely the only psychedelic-electronic-disco act around, Gold Casio have been favorites in the local dance scene for a while now to those "in the know." But now, with more singles and shows under their belt, the band's incredibly rhythmic and somewhat flirty musical nature has made its way into the hearts of those outside of the usual dance club dwellers, proving that all that really glitters is Gold...Casio.

Ambiently soft yet broodingly heavy, Abronia have expanded their lineup to match their beautifully atmospheric and expansive sound. Perfect for moments of mental reflection but easy to enjoy in damn near every other scenario, Abronia's dominanation of the experimental side of the poll makes total sense, and we can't wait to hear new releases from them.

Take a peek at our other poll placers and be sure to show them some love as well!

 Amenta Abioto
  13%   96 votes
 dolphin midwives
  16%   118 votes
 Gold Casio
  29%   204 votes
  18%   132 votes
 Don Gero
  6%   44 votes
 James Curry IV
  15%   106 votes



Buzz Alert! DL is OK lands February residency at Pianos

We were glad to see Tom Petty's name mentioned in the profile notes of NYC artist DL is OK, because we were going to mention it in this blurb, and sometimes artists don't like their influences to be revealed (in particular when we get them wrong...) But, hey, there are a gazillion bands out there channeling The Ramones and Pavement, and some of them are nonetheless great and very original, just to say that influences means nothing. Point is, it's actually very easy to be original and devastatingly boring, while writing a truly good song is a heck of a lot harder, even if you wear your influences on your sleeve. As far as Tom Petty is concerned, the man is incredibly underrated among emerging indie bands, so much so that hardly anybody seems interested in referencing his music. Truth is, he wrote some of the most timeless pop songs in the history of mainstream rock, without every sounding cheesy, forced or contrived. As far as we are concerned, we need more songwriters able to blend americana, pop and rock in earnest and memorable musical nuggets the way he could. DL is OK's debut EP "Into the Flood" is a promising step in that direction - check out the titletrack below. The band just landed a residency at Pianos during the month of February, starting on the 7th.

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best Roots/Americana songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!


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