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July 2014
"Hot Fruit Barbeque

Whitnessing the growth of Portland punky psych-pop outfit, Talkative, over the years, has been an absolute pleasure. Each of their albums has a home in my music library and heart. Not to mention the dudes in the band are some of the finest gents among the Portland music community. I knew we'd be good buds from the first time I met guitarist/synth/vocalist Cody Berger in 2011, after my own band played a show at Kelly's Olympian, and I reluctantly let an intoxicated Cody, saying "hey man, I heard you like to smoke pot too, cool!" hop a ride back to the SE with me to shorten his walk home. 

Talkative's latest stoney efforts, Hot Fruit Barbeque, takes their raucous high energy sounds to new levels. And it's not just upscaled production. The album feels more purposeful than their previus work, each song commanding you to yield and listen or dance (I prefer to wiggle). Lead single "Rudy Huckleberry" will be left lingering in your ear as you try to recreate Berger's catchy but mostly unintelligible vocal hooks for the remainder of the day. Equally as catcy, "Snow Jobs" and "Hava Nagila" showcase the impressively explosive capabilities of Casunn Taft's drumming. The boys explore slightly more worldly rhythms and tones alongside their distorted guitars on "Gentrifuckation" for an overall excelent, bouncy, party track. 

Hot Fruit Barbeque easily falls at the top of my list of favorite albums in 2014. Listen here.

- Travis Leipzig

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Show Alerts: ELEL at The High Watt 1.19

2015 looks like it is going to be the year year for ELEL. With their upcoming debut album to be released on Mom + Pop records and a list of dates ahead of them, it looks like some of the good vibes ELEL has been hashing out are boomeranging back to them. While we might be satisfied listening to “40 Watt” ad nauseum, we’re excited that there is more on the horizon, and we will not be surprised as the rest of the world starts freaking out over them too. The 8-piece are capping off a recent run with lo-fi pop outfit Generationals with a show at The High Watt this Monday, January 19th. –Terra James-Jura


Show Alert: Tetherball's "Fiesta Party" 1.17 at The High Watt

The Fiesta Party is one of those events that gets better and better the deeper you go. Salsa dancing lessons, a taco bar, and a MF-ing pinata in the High Watt? The real question this raises is why is this not happening every night? The evening makes more sense when it becomes clear that Steve Voss of Tetherball is behind the madness, which also explains the killer lineup of The Gills, Charlie Whitten and recent addition Bear in the Campsite. Between contributing to the Monster Bash blowout over Halloween and this hoedown on Saturday, Voss is starting to display a proclivity for curating entire experiences, and has hinted that this is not the last themed show of his design.  Tetherball continbues this spirit of head-scratching fun by reinterpreting their own album "Whimsy" with jazz outfit Hot Club Time Machine, and releasing the session as "Gypsy Jazzivore." Watch this video of a trippy cover of a song about absinthe hallucinations below. It's kind of meta.

Fiesta Party kicks off at 7pm at The High Watt this Saturday, January 17th. $7 bucks gets you admission, a salsa dancing lesson, pinata swings and all the tacos you can eat. Tickets are available HERE. -Terra James-Jura



The Harmaleighs "Doll Made of Glass"

The Harmaleighs are a duo consiting of Haylee and Kaylee, who found each other when they were Belmont students and have been making sharp, smart folk that can switch from coffeehouse to arena in a heartbeat ever since. The two cover topics familiar to gals in their early twenties: love, loss, hometowns. Plug it in and speed it up, and their tunes could hang with any early-aughts emo band. Luckily these two are blessed with a sense of humor, evident in their sweetly awkward stage banter, and a few clever turns of phrase peppering their lyrics that extends all the way to the name of their upcoming album (out February 3rd): "Pretty Pictures, Dirty Brush." The pair released "Doll Made of Glass," the second single off the album in December. The Harmaleighs are heading out to Telluride this weekend and embarking on a tour shortly thereafter. Check out their full schedule and keep updated on the pair at www.theharmaleighs.com. -Terra James-Jura



Seryn Album Release Show at The High Watt 2.12

Seryn was the headlining act for this Sofar Sounds gig last Tuesday. The band had made the strategic move from Denton, TX to Nashville just this October, with the mind of finding a more centrally located jumping off point for touring and a more receptive environment for their music. At six members strong, the band channels their high energy into bouyant folk-pop with male-female vocals and an arsenal of stringed instruments. Their handle on dynamics are mind-boggling at times, especially in a live, acoustic setting where every hush was brought into immedate relief. They sing like a gang of rogue, banjo-toting angels.

Seryn is preparing for the release of their second full-length album "Shadow Shows" on February 17th. Their release show will be at The High Watt on February 12th with Red Headed Indian. Tickets are available here, and the album is available for pre-order here. Check out the show and give Seryn a proper Nashville welcome (which is a basket of hot chicken and Goo Goo Clusters, if we recall correctly.) -Terra James-Jura



Woodferd, "We Are Dead"

Last night we finally had the chance to get on the trolley and check out a Sofar Sounds show. Not only did we enjoy seeing artists presented in such an intimate, respectful setting, we were also pleased by the thoughtful curation of the evening's entertainment, featuring acts all at some level of new to Nashville. We dug the lineup enough to dedicate a post to each artist, starting with Minnesota transplant Woodferd.

Peter John McKeown employs himself, a few strategic loops and occasional friends to perform under the handle Woodferd. He made the jump from his hometown of St. Paul, MN to Nashville in September, and released his self-titled debut album two short months later. McKeown touches on themes such as death and the Earth as a whole through light, easy-swilling folk. Take a listen to "We Are Dead" to get a sense of this subtle juxtaposition. There was talk of a Nashville album release show in the works, so keep up with Woodferd here and here as details emerge. -Terra James-Jura 




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