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May 2016
Mo Troper

 Yes, you've heard the name Mo Troper before. Possibly as a part of Sancho and Your Rival, or maybe as a founder of blowing up label Good Cheer Records. Regardless, his recent release, late April's Beloved, has already reached levels of critical acclaim in just its first few days of actual release. And I'm adding to the pile - Beloved is one of the best new records to come out of Portland so far this year, and it's our new Album of the Month.

With a witty tongue and a sneering outlook on many things in life, Troper blares through Beloved's 13 tracks like an emotional Facebook feed. He, like the rest us, has shitty friends, a distaste for most social situations ("Star Wars") and a rollercoaster relationship with dating ("Princess," "Somebody Special"). He bitingly belts out his lyrics as if he's reliving every situation that's inspired him, making for a brashly heartfelt stock.

Beloved has received heavy comparisons to certain Elvis Costello albums and while that's fair in its own right, isn't entirely the whole case. The album does play into a Costello-esque domination of word play, but it holds a cult like influence closer to that of, say, the Get Up Kids and Saves the Day.

For his first release on his own, Mo Troper has already established himself as a solid solo artist to follow. Beloved will inevitably be added to a list of "classics," and his next album is already baiting with anticipation.

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scene blog


Sky Temple Blues makes a tasty medley with self-titled EP

The self-titled EP from Sky Temple Blues is pastiche of eras and genres that seem to take more influence from time periods than specific bands. The result is that you get a series of brief moments of familiarity, like "I think they might be going for Pink Floyd right there," but the sound is gone as soon as you've finished articulating the thought. It's a big ol' steamy pot of stew full of mystery meats where one bite is completely different than the last, so we'd advise you grab a spoon and dig in. -Austin Phy


"Haunts" EP from Copperfox does just that

Copperfox has its roots out West. Founding members Rory Mohon and Lisa Garcia packed up their instruments and moved to Nashville from Portland, OR, which is about as far west as you can go without getting saltwater in your hightops. And while they've certainly picked up some Nashville cues since getting their current lineup functioning in early 2015, they've held on tight to some out-west surf vibes straight into their recent Haunts EP. Composed of two songs and a remix of each, Haunts pulls together an impressively diverse set of influences from electronica and synthpop to the aforementioned jangly, shimmery rock leanings. 

Check out Haunts below and follow the appropriate channels for updates from the band, including information about an upcoming tour. -Austin Phy


Deli reader favorites Damned Rivers and Terrible settle the score over a champagne toast

The political season is on, and it can get nasty. Even if you're able to ignore the attack ads and mud-covered debate spectacles, we've all probably sneered a vicious sneer or two at a neighbor's disagreeable lawn sign or bumper sticker.

But who said a tight voting contest has to tear households apart? While the stakes may be a little lower than the fate of a nation, it still warms our rotten hearts to see Deli Readers' Poll competitors Damned Rivers sharing a bottle of bubbly and a song with their second-place co-occupants Terrible. In our analysis of the poll results and the dead tie between the two bands, you may remember that we suggested "maybe Damned Rivers could make an appearance on that rad-ass live series Terrible has been producing," and we're delighted to see that they delivered. Check out the video of that session below and, since they're such a bunch of upstanding guys and a personal favorite of ours, we've also embedded the inuagural episode featuring Terrible. -Austin Phy



Bummr City releases IOWASKA ahead of show tomorrow (03.10) at Drkmttr

Bummr City is the kind of band that doesn't want you getting too comfortable with what they do. These guys have been around for the past year or so putting out a consistent flow of releases hailing from all over the way-out lands of lo-fi recording. So how does a band continue to surprise when they've worked exclusively in the domain of the unpredictable? In the case of "IOWASKA," lead single from the upcoming The Death of Cool, the band subverts expectation by, ironically, moving in a more conventional direction. They haven't eliminated the grainy weirdness found in their earlier releases—we are still talking about a track named after the phonetic pronunciation of a substance that's easier to say than spell after administering—but instead have cultivated it, refining their songcraft and taking to the studio for a much more polished end result. It takes an amount of confidence in your own sound to move toward what's more recognizable without losing what makes you unique, and Bummr City has pulled it off.

If you love a good show and hate vowels, make sure to see Bummr City tomorrow (3.10) at Drkmttr with Darkwing, The Mumzees, and The Plastic Bags. -Austin Phy


Read The Deli's SXSW 2016 "PsycheDELIa" issue online! Yonatan Gat and Lewis Del Mar on the cover

Check out the SXSW 2016 issue of The Deli Mag, now available online, and distributed in print next week in Austin during SXSW's Music Week. You'll find copies of it also at our SXSW Stompbox Exhibit and Synth Space!

Yes, we've done things a little differently this time: we shaped this rag the size of a 7" record, and created a "concept" issue almost entirely dedicated to Psychedelia, with a feature by our editor Brian Chidester about how this musical genre has become more and more influential in the new millennium. The two cover artists, Yonatan Gat and Lewis Del Mar, serve as the two extremes within which Psychedelia has expanded in recent years.

As usual, the issue also gathers:

- A lot of emerging artists (mostly psych this time),
- The winners of The Deli's regional Year End Polls for Emerging Artists,
- The winners of The Deli's Best of 2015 Readers' Polls,
- A section dedicated to the SXSW Stompbox Exhibit and Synth Space

We hope you enjoy the read and get to know some awesome new music.

The Folks at The Deli


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