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July 2014
"Hot Fruit Barbeque

Whitnessing the growth of Portland punky psych-pop outfit, Talkative, over the years, has been an absolute pleasure. Each of their albums has a home in my music library and heart. Not to mention the dudes in the band are some of the finest gents among the Portland music community. I knew we'd be good buds from the first time I met guitarist/synth/vocalist Cody Berger in 2011, after my own band played a show at Kelly's Olympian, and I reluctantly let an intoxicated Cody, saying "hey man, I heard you like to smoke pot too, cool!" hop a ride back to the SE with me to shorten his walk home. 

Talkative's latest stoney efforts, Hot Fruit Barbeque, takes their raucous high energy sounds to new levels. And it's not just upscaled production. The album feels more purposeful than their previus work, each song commanding you to yield and listen or dance (I prefer to wiggle). Lead single "Rudy Huckleberry" will be left lingering in your ear as you try to recreate Berger's catchy but mostly unintelligible vocal hooks for the remainder of the day. Equally as catcy, "Snow Jobs" and "Hava Nagila" showcase the impressively explosive capabilities of Casunn Taft's drumming. The boys explore slightly more worldly rhythms and tones alongside their distorted guitars on "Gentrifuckation" for an overall excelent, bouncy, party track. 

Hot Fruit Barbeque easily falls at the top of my list of favorite albums in 2014. Listen here.

- Travis Leipzig

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Weekend Roundup

Sure, maybe The Kills are in playing, but wouldn't the weekend be better spent supporting local by crawling around with Nashville's best and dirtiest punk rockers and glitterati? 


Tipper Whore's album release party with Ben Spinks Supermelt and Roman Polanski's Baby at The Stone Fox, 9pm, $10 cover  (which also buys you a cd or vinyl edition "Just the Tip.")

Radar Vs. Wolf with Ravenhill and Dohse at The East Room, 9pm, $5

Judson McKinney at Atomic Sweater Records, 9pm, $7

Tennessee Scum Double Release Show with The Suez, Ebony Eyes and Thunder Brother at The Boro, 9pm, free


Caitlin Rose, The Haunted Windchimes and Paul Lindburg at The 5 Spot, 9pm, $5

bree, Kim Logan, Lauren Farrah and Them Vibes play this week's East Side Hootenany at East Park.  Things kick off at 4pm, and its free!

Turbo Fruits, Tesla Rossa, Leopold and his Fiction and Commitment Bells play The High Watt starting at 9pm.  Cover is $10 in advance and $12 the day of show. 

Moon Age EP Release show with Farewell Flight, Warren Pash and Jordan Jones at The Basement, 9pm, $5


No. 308 is holding F*ck Your Block Party! with Tesla Rossa, Sexx, Slick, Banditos, and JP Harris. 4pm, free

The Basement's Sunday Post includes *repeat, repeat, Mystery Twins, INTL, Beech Benders and Buffalo Rodeo, 8pm, free






Atomic Sweater Records Presents Judson McKinney 5.30

Judson McKinney has the distinction of playing the last show in a series presented by Atomic Sweater Records at The Church this Friday.  The songwriter manages to weave together several disparate elements into his latest single, "Moonpie," released this April. From the synth to the easy listening vibe of the guitar to sampling that took my brain right to Passion Pit's "Sleepyhead," he strikes a balance between creating a whimsical experience without coming across as too silly or twee.  The Church will provide an appropriately surreal compliment to McKinney's dreamy bent on alt-folk, and this will be your last chance to catch a show at this location.  Friday's show will start at 9pm, cover is $7, and the address is 1703 Jo Johnston Ave, Nashville, TN 37203. -Terra James-Jura


Tipper Whore Album Release Party at The Stone Fox 5.30

Tipper Whore, Nashville’s answer to the B-52’s (with more glitter and less protection) is having their album release party for their debut LP “Just the Tip.” The sextet is taking over The Stone Fox on Friday, May 30th with Roman Polanski’s baby and Ben Spink’s Supermelt to mark the occasion, and there is just enough time to shop for the perfect wig for the occassion. In case you missed it, check out the video for “Tipper Whore Party Program,” released earlier this May. -Terra James-Jura


Kim Logan Releases Single "Neighborhood" 5.25

Kim Logan burned sage on stage last night at The Basement.  "Midnight is my birthday," she said, "and I'm clearing the air." Logan alluded to a 22nd year rife with the tribulations of young adulthood, then proceeded to ring in her 23rd with a visicious set of Southern-flavored blues.  While most any gal with pipes and hotpants can put on a decent show, few can tie vintage rock with modern views through sharp lyrics like: "I think I love you but I don't know if I should/ there's already one of me in the neighborhood." Consider this new single's gritty leveling-of-the-playing-field vibe a reverse birthday present from Logan, and be sure to give her 23 punches at the East Side Hootenany on May 31st, where she performs with bree, Them Vibes, and Lauren Farrah. -Terra James-Jura


Weekend Roundup

 This weekend, like so many others, is rife with many conflicting opportunities to see great music.  The Deli Nashville trusts you will make the right decision...


Steelism, JP5, Andrew Combs and Takaya at The Basement, 9pm, $5

Cardboard Kids Album Release Party with Golden YouthLenachka, and Poema at The High Watt, 8pm, $10

Gunther Doug, Army of Infants, and Hurts to Laugh at Springwater, 9pm, $5

Good Sex, The Grayces, Featuring Richard Koozie and Thundefrog are the feautured musical entertainment along side an army of visual artists with works on display at The East Room.  Some of the bands will be sonically interpreting chosen pieces, so it is bound to be an experience not soon forgotten.  8pm, $5


Surfer Blood and the Misfruits play The Stone Fox, 8pm, $12.  

Josephine and the Wildfront join Stagolee and Bree at The Boro, 8pm, $5

The Daily Howl join Hot Mess Loves You in opening for Shannon Labrie at The Basement, 9pm, $5


The Grayces double-fist the weekend (that means the same as double-booking, right?) by playing Exit/In with the always excellent Subway Lights and The Dead Towns, 8pm, $5

The Basement's Sunday Post is there for you with The Banditos, Kim Logan, The Bad Lovers, and Blackfoot Gypsies, 8pm, no cover. 



Show Alert: Ben Cameron at the Stone Fox Tonight 5.22

Tonight Ben Cameron is among the lineup at The Stone Fox, opening for Swear and Shake and Brave Baby. He describes himself as “yacht rock meets folk rock,” which is something we might quickly pass along to our aunts back in the midwest suburbs, if it weren’t for this track, “I Believe.” The Deli Nashville, as it turns out, might have a secret affinity for white guys singing gospel with conviction. Feel free to compare and contrast this track with older material like “Eloise,” and if his versatility appeals to you, head down to the Stone Fox tonight to check him out! -Terra James-Jura


Josephine and the Wildfront “Sovereign”

Maybe the release of this single from Josehpine and the Wildront flew under our radar, but we’re catching it this go-round thanks to a gentle Facebook reminder from Ms. Moore herself. “Sovereign” features a low guitar line that sounds as though it comes out of the mist, supported by splashy drums and spectral background vocals. Moore plays with dynamics a little, going softer just when the listener is expecting things to get loud. The now foursome is recording their new EP, “Strange Gold.” You can catch them playing at The Boro this Saturday with Bree and Stagolee. -Terra James-Jura

Cardboard Kids Album Release Show at The High Watt 5.23

Cardboard Kids have been toiling away on their debut release for several months, and the fruit of their labor, “Echo Boomer” is about to meet the public on May 20th. Their music has an unabashed swagger to it thanks to their Texas upbringing, countered by a pop-punk sneer borrowed by their 90’s influences. Title track “Echo Boomer” showcases the grit and attitude that makes up the album. The band will have their release party at The High Watt this Friday with Golden Youth, Lenachka and Poema. -Terra James-Jura




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