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July 2014
"Hot Fruit Barbeque

Whitnessing the growth of Portland punky psych-pop outfit, Talkative, over the years, has been an absolute pleasure. Each of their albums has a home in my music library and heart. Not to mention the dudes in the band are some of the finest gents among the Portland music community. I knew we'd be good buds from the first time I met guitarist/synth/vocalist Cody Berger in 2011, after my own band played a show at Kelly's Olympian, and I reluctantly let an intoxicated Cody, saying "hey man, I heard you like to smoke pot too, cool!" hop a ride back to the SE with me to shorten his walk home. 

Talkative's latest stoney efforts, Hot Fruit Barbeque, takes their raucous high energy sounds to new levels. And it's not just upscaled production. The album feels more purposeful than their previus work, each song commanding you to yield and listen or dance (I prefer to wiggle). Lead single "Rudy Huckleberry" will be left lingering in your ear as you try to recreate Berger's catchy but mostly unintelligible vocal hooks for the remainder of the day. Equally as catcy, "Snow Jobs" and "Hava Nagila" showcase the impressively explosive capabilities of Casunn Taft's drumming. The boys explore slightly more worldly rhythms and tones alongside their distorted guitars on "Gentrifuckation" for an overall excelent, bouncy, party track. 

Hot Fruit Barbeque easily falls at the top of my list of favorite albums in 2014. Listen here.

- Travis Leipzig

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Weekend Roundup

There are tons of shows going on this weekend; here's our picks for the best representation of Nashville talent that's unrelated to the Steeplechase and also most likely places to pick up a bearded hipster.  


Hurts to Laugh celebrates their video premier at fooBar with Megajoos and Manana Panics, 9pm, $7

The Deli has already recommended getting weird with Roman Polanski's Baby, River City Tanlines and Thelma and the Sleaze at The Stone Fox, 9pm, $5.  


Kansas Bible Company play with Joe Hertler and the Rainbow Seekers at The Stone Fox, 9pm,$7

Penicillin Baby celebrate the release of their first 7" at The Basement with Moseley, Faux Ferocious and Quichenight, 9pm, $5

Conestyle with The Xists and Jawws play The End, 8pm, $5


Jake Orvis and the Broken Band play with Call Me Bronco and Washintonian James Hunicutt at The End, 9pm, $8

The Basement's Sunday Post features Hugh Mitchell, Jordan DePaul, Casey and the Train, Modern Medicine and Gina Venier, 8pm, no cover

If you find yourself downtown near Puckett's around 7pm, poke your head in and catch their Sunday Spotlight Artist, Neo Tundra Cowboy.  




Show Alert: Roman Polanski's Baby at The Stone Fox 5.9

Upholding Nashville's proud tradition of great bands with quesitonable names, Roman Polanski's Baby is a bonafide riot grrrl steamroller.  The trio combines fat guitar distorion with an unapologetic attitude that sets a benchmark for what should be coming out of Music City garages.  "Shakin' All Over" posesses a depth beyond the initial punk fizz: that first riff cracks like a whip in the opening of the song, and the satisfaction never diminishes each time the band returns to it between their steady surf creep.  Things are sure to get messy, sweaty, and definitely weird this Friday night, when RPB joins Deli faves Thelma and the Sleaze and River City Tanlines at The Stone Fox.  If ever there was a proper place and time to raise some hell after a crappy week, it would be 9pm May 9th at 712 51st Ave. N. -Terra James-Jura


Creature Comfort Releases Video for "All My Friends"

Indie rock outfit Creature Comfort just premiered this epic video for "All My Friends" yesterday. Warning: the raging ''Game of Thrones" styling and firelit nudity may distract from what a solid jam it is.  It keeps the pace at a laid-back amble until the chorus, when Jessey Clark's vocals take on an aggressive yet doleful tone.  The Deli Nashville recommends watching the video, and then replaying it minimized to fully absorb the vibe of the track, because hearing the guitar hit its high notes near the end definitely releases some dopamine.  Combine that with a few flashes of boobs, Creature Comfort will have you feeling good all day. The band's next show in Nashville is on June 2nd at fooBar, and June 5th at the 5-Spot. -Terra James-Jura


Grass Root Kids to Record First Full-Length Album

As a follow-up to their debut EP "Loose Change," Grass Root Kids are preparing to record their first full-length album. Preparation translates into some hardcore hustling in their fundraising department, including a pre-order drive that has 6 days left before it closes.  The band made an impression with their spirited and razor-sharp set during the final round of 8 off 8th in March, and the way their exuberant meshing of folk and punk rock has matured since 2012 is all but begging for its own platform.  Check out their website for more infomation, and listen to "Boxes" if you need a little convincing in parting ways with that $5. -Terra James-Jura


Sound Cards at Dino's 5.19

On May 19th, Sound Cards will be playing a show at Dino’s in East Nashville. This three piece band from Franklin, TN is a little pop/rock, and a lot of energy. They have lyrics of love and life, and the song “Get Me High” may do just that. It is fun, electric, and downright catchy. Their entire album "Keep the Filter Off" is available for free download here. They will also be playing at 12th and Porter on May the 30th, if case you can’t catch the one on the 19th. Or go to both, we won’t judge. –Amanda Aydelott


Arkansas Elvis Donates Album Proceeds to iRockNashville.com

 The Deli Nashville recently caught wind of this stroke of altruism from Arkansas Elvis: the band is donating all Bandcamp album sales for the month of May to indie radio station to iRockNashville.com.  This is a veritable group hug of local supporting local that deserves recognition. The hard and heavy rockers released their first album "Yvette" last September, and this is the perfect opportunity to get your mitts on it if you haven't already.  If the idea of supporting a Nasvhille radio station fiercely devoted to indepent music doesn't move you, maybe this video "Opening" will.  -Terra James-Jura  


Weekend Roundup

 Here's a little bit of what's going on around Nashville this pre-de Mayo weekend: 


The End is Nashville's platform for The International Pop Overthrow Festival with Dave Rave, The Scruffs, Walter Egan and the Walternative Band, Wyatt Funderburk and Neilso.  Check out some talented and well-deserving pop bands starting at 7pm; cover is $8. 

Foreverandnever, Red Sun Rising, We are the Finale and The Sweetest Sleep play 12th and Porter, 9pm, $10

Danny Trashville, Anthony Adams and the Nite Owls, Tumbleweed Company and The Joel Meeks Excuse at fooBar, 8pm


The International Pop Overthrow Festival's Saturday Lineup includes The RA-660, Dark Circles, Richard Dubois, Nine Times Blue, Greg Pope and The Decandence.  

Musician's Corner kicks off with Holly Williams, Jars of Clay, The David Mayfield Parade, Levi Hummon and Joel Levi.  Head down to Centennial Park for the free concert starting at noon. 

Sevier Park Fest goes down in the 12 South area with Brandy Clark, KS Roads, The Midnight Riders, Magnolia Sons, Scale Model, Oh Dang Lo Mein, Zeke Duhon, Deep Fried 5 and Stacey Randol

Bobby Bare Jr. Album Release show at Mercy Lounge with Bobby Bare Sr., Cory Branan and Birdcloud, 9pm, $10.


The Internatinoal Pop Overthrow Festival continues at The End with The Great Affairs, Joshua Ketchmark, Anchor Thieves, The Alarms and Duette, 7pm, $8.

The Basement's Sunday Post features The Heavy Heavy Hearts, Guthrie Brown and the Family Tree, The Low Down, Them Dirty Roses and The Hunter Tynan Trio, 8pm, no cover. 


Congratulations to The Acorn People and Friendship Commanders, Our New Artists of the Month!

Congratulations to The Acorn People and Friendship Commanders, our new Artists of the Month!  While the Deli may have a quibble with the biological actuality of the band being "a love child of Janis Joplin and Joan Jett," The Acorn People obviously have charmed enough listeners into look past the cold hard truths of science and vote them into victory.  The Acorn People released their debut album, "Secrets" on February 28th, and it is very much a roll in the in the sweet, dewy grass between rock and blues.  Vocalist and rhythm guitarist Grace Jermysk makes sure that no hair is left unruffled and no heart unbroken with her sassy yet intensly emotional approach.  Their next show is this Saturday in Murfreesboro for a house/art show (more details here), followed by at show at The Kitchen on May 8th and a set at Music Tree Festival in Manchester, TN on June 10th.  Here's "Oh My," the first track off their album, to drive home what The Acorn People are all about. (For extra credit, listen to final track "Monster" and see if you don't get caught up in the awesome breakdown at the end.)

Friendship Commanders throw a hat into the ring of the nineties revival, keeping things fresh with driving, bass-heavy beats lifted right out of the punk rock playbook, counterbalanced by crystal-clear vocals and intelligent lyrics provided by B. Arson.  They've hit their stride in a very brief period of time, recording their debut 6-track EP, "Amos" in June of 2013, and finding bassist Cody Mcall the following October, thereing completing the current lineup of this power trio of alt-rock. They've been making regular appearances at The High Watt and Mercy Lounge, turning on enough hard core followers to vote as many times as their IP addresses allowed to move them into such a tight margin that a declaration of "TIE!" was in order.  The band is working on an as-yet-unreleased track called "Tuxedo Means Wolf," which, if it's half as well done as "Unkissed," I'd be satisfied.  Friendship Commanders next play in Nashville on May 17th at The 5-Spot, closely followed by May 20th at The End.  

Be sure to check out both of these winners this month, and thank them for contributing their blood, sweat and tears to the rich local music scene that makes Nashville amazing! 

 -Terra James-Jura




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