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April 2015
The Tame West
"The Tamed West EP

After a couple active years in the Portland music scene, this past March The Tamed West finally released a first piece of recorded music for listeners to enjoy in the form of a self-titled EP. Though short and sweet, The Tamed West EP boasts influential elements of early Surfer Blood and the late Gauntlet Hair with a heavy wash of reverb over simple yet dancable rhythms, thoughtful vocal melodies and twinkling guitar. The Tamed West claimed the fourth seat in The Deli Portland's 'Best Emerging Artist of 2014' poll, as voted by a jury of local music industry professionals and tastemakers as well as listeners alike. Keep an eye on The Tamed West in the coming years and expect great things. 

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Blackfoot Gypsies, "Under My Skin"

The Southern rock revival is happening, and Blackfoot Gypsies are behind the pulpit. Snakeskin boots, fringe vests, flowing locks and oversized sunglasses: This Nashville 4-piece radiates rock-and-roll stardom. And with the musical chops to match, Blackfoot Gypsies are making sure Southern rock is alive and well, and having a damn good time doing it.

Shortly after signing with Plowboy Records earlier this year, the guys dropped their latest LP, Handle It, in April, followed by a video for their swampy voodoo single, "Under My Skin." Their home-cooked brand of Southern punk rock deserves to be cranked loudly and often, and their live show, packed with harmonica wails and high kicks, is more of a psychedelic spiritual experience than anything else.

Catch them on the road this summer, and order your own copy of Handle It on vinyl at SoundstampMusic.com. -Caroline Bowman


Sad Baxter, "The Big One"

Get out your pastel gel pens because Sad Baxter is definitely going to be doodled all over your notebook by the end of homeroom. This female-fronted Lite Brite grunge trio is popping up all over the Nashville music scene. With their incredibly catchy lyrics about crushes named Eugene and unrequited young love backed by clean guitar and a strong and steady rhythm section, Sad Baxter will be spinning in your Walkman for the next million bus rides home.

Stream their EP and break out your Doc Martens and flannel for their upcoming shows around the Southeast. -Caroline Bowman



Catch Midnight Pilot at Stone Fox 6.18

"Give me what you gave to him, and I'll be fine," Midnight Pilot's Grant Geertsma sings the title line of the opening track of their debut album with a plainitive hopefulness. It's a reminder that love is sometimes a lonely place, and a fine first impression for the band. The album dropped May 5th, and has been making rounds on the blogosphere for its masterful production and rich blend of Americana and straightforward rock and roll. The four boys from West Michigan have been calling Nashville home for a few years, but there is a distinct Middle-America quality that remains in their music. The album so well-rounded and organic that you almost want to plant it to see if something grows. Of course, that would be a waste of very good vinyl. So, instead of burying a record in the dirt, go see Midnight Pilot this Thursday at the Stone Fox. The whole lineup is pretty stellar: newly-minted Yankee Blood (formerly Kelly Ruth,) Billy Crescendo and Juliana are rounding out the evening. You'll be hard-pressed to find a better show that night, especially one for $5. Get more info about the night HERE, and while you're clicking links, check out Midnight Pilot at www.midnightpilot.com. -Terra James-Jura


Aave, "Going Nowhere"

On Friday, Aave released "Going Nowhere," which will be the fourth track of their first full-length album. This debut has been two years in the making, ever since their inceptionary songwriting sessions as a two-piece back in 2013. The single is a driven powerhouse of dreamwave, propelled by an unrelenting beat that cuts through guitar tone persisent as a sheet of rain (except when it suspends itself to let some spacey bleeps take over.) The steady drone riffs on the songs title, while in contrast, the vocal patterns are constantly changing. Aave's album is due out later this summer via label Villain Place. For those who can't wait until the album drops, Aave will be playing Mercy Lounge on June 27th with The Gills, That's my Kid, and Luella & the Sun. -Terra James-Jura



Poema "Forget You in LA"

Sisters Elle and Sheeran Puckett, the backbone of Poema, released single "Forget You in LA" at the start of this month. Their life in music is all but set in stone by this anectdote from their childhood in New Mexico: the sisters routinely sang Elvis tunes outside of their local gas station until they had busked enough to buy candy. This track proves to be a little more sophisticated than a rendition of "Blue Suede Shoes;" produced by Nolan Rossi, "Forget You in LA" is a deliberate meditation of getting over a flame and old habits. The girls prove themselves as nothing short of smooth each time they cruise back to the hook amid the measured groove of guitar echoing the languid mood of the tune. "Pretty Speeches" is the name of their upcoming 5-track EP (due out July 10th.) Learn more about the sisters keep atop of Poema news by visiting www.poemamusic.com.



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