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Pocket Science release EP, 'The Cult of Alien Jesus'

Nashville rockers Pocket Science provide an answer to anyone who’s ever asked why they should keep defending pop punk. With lyrics based on criticizing social norms (like “Well I’ll take my time, my dollar, and dime the hell away from here” in “Health Insurance,”) clean but quirky guitar riffs, and fun (or more importantly, loud) vocals, they’re the full package. Their EP The Cult of Alien Jesus is a cross-section of everything pop punk should be—passionate, with a reserved optimism. Their noted influences Weezer and Foo Fighters shine through on this project, in everything from the energetic shouting to the title itself.-Lilly Milman

Listen to our favorite track “Take Flight, Ignite” streaming below.


Peters Jacket debuts intimate LP 'Magnolia Grandiflora'

The intimacy of the debut LP ‘Magnolia Grandiflora’ by Nashville-based Peters Jacket is jarring. Recorded with the help of friends in various bedrooms and basements, the LP explores the gritty details of college relationships through lo-fi indie rock. At times, the listener becomes almost like an eavesdropper on Nic Discepoli's memories. Songs like “Recess” (streaming below) employ a minimalistic lyricism, giving glimpses of a past life (“Did your friend wake you today? / And was he charming in my way? / Did he bring you, some coffee? / Or was he naked?”). The raw progression of the album is unique because Discepoli is on the same journey as the listener, still attempting to answer his own questions. He will be playing a live show at The End on June 13th at 9:15 p.m. - Lilly Milman 


Welles release video for "Life Like Mine," and play The Knitting Factory 06.02

The Nashville-based Welles has released an official music video for their song, "Life Like Mine" from their debut EP, Codeine. "Life Like Mine" is an up-tempo rock tune hearkening to the '90s sensibilities of artists like Beck and Pavement. Using 1960s music iconography to ironic effect (the band members are dressed like Sgt. Pepper's-era Beatles and Hendrix at Monterey), Welles wonders aloud what kind of person is able to "live a life like mine," detailing scenes of destitution, substance abuse and confusion. With swelling keys, booming percussion and overdriven guitars, it's self-aware as a rock song, even as the lyrics eschew the fabled rock n' roll lifestyle. Welles is playing the Governor's Ball Music Festival After Dark at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn on June 2nd. Check out the video below! - Ethan Ames


A Deli Premiere: Teddy and The Rough Riders' new track "Goldmine"

Almost everyone not into mainstream country is guilty of saying that "all country music sounds the same," and the Nashville scene would be certainly found guilty in feeding that prejudice. However, Teddy and the Rough Riders are living proof that there are noble exceptions. We are premiering here their single “Goldmine,” a track that swims in twang, but also features an inventiveness in its composition and production that makes it almost Beatlesque. Drawing from a wide range of influences that include elements of psychedelic pop, Dixieland rock, and classic country crooning, Teddy and The Rough Riders have developed a sound that's at once soothing and intriguing, rootsy but forward looking. Whatch out for their debut LP, coming out later in 2017.

Digital submissions: Grungy garage band Butthole delivers crude fun in self-titled LP

If you take issue with new music is that's too clean and polite, then Butthole is the answer. With a self-titled album that contains a track called “I Went to High School and Graduated” ending in the repetition of “Bitch! Whore! Slut!,” it becomes clear that the band is not scared of pushing boundaries. This is what makes Butthole unique—they’re not one of those indie bands passing themselves off as punk. They’re the real thing, and they know it. Butthole is currently on a brief mid west tour. Check out our favorite song from last year's "Secret EP," entitled "She Boop She Boo Thang," streaming below. - Lilly Milman

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