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AgesandAges announce release of debut album, play Mississippi Studios

The seven piece Portland group AgesandAges has announced the release of their debut album, "Alright You Restless", February 15th 2011 on Knitting Factory Records. Produced by Kevin Robinson (Viva Voice, Blue Giant) at Amorelphonics in Portland in 8 days, the album was performed almost entirely live with 7 voices sung into one microphone. The result is a dream-filled interpretation of campfire pop songs. Started in early 2009 by Tim Perry, of previous Portland rock band Pseudosix, AgesandAges' live show is a perfect combination of musicians with heartfelt talent and symbiosis interaction of vocal ability. Check them out live at Mississippi Studios on 12.03.


Moneypenny Destroy

The dynamic duo known as Moneypenny has released a new free remix package for their track "Destroy". The package includes remixes from Midnight Conspiracy, Bright Lights and an edit of the track by Moneypenny themselves. You can download it here (in exchange for an email address) via Loose Change.

They duo is also hitting the road this weekend in support of Hey Champ and playing shows in San Francisco, LA, and Austin.


Unstoppable Death Machines release video, tour, play Union Pool on 12.11

Formed by brothers Billy drums and Mike bass, noise rock tandem known as Unstoppable Death Machines has just released their first video, which is recommend for the non faint of heart. Yeah there is a lot of swearing here, but dudes, in our experience every single person in the world over 16 years of age swears more or less occasionaly so... hopefully none of our readers will feel offended. And if you do, blame it on the Unstoppables, not The Deli! We are nice guys!!!
The band is currently on a small tour in the east coast, New Yorkers will be able to check them out on 12.11 at Union Pool.


The Pink Snowflakes play Ash Street Saloon on 12.13

Sometimes you can guess a band's sound just from their name - and "The Pink Snowflakes" is a name that screams "Psych Rock Madness" - a little bit like "The Dukes of Stratospheres". These Portland based guys' psychedelia is reminiscent of early Flaming Lips, with an added and welcome lo-fi component. They'll be playing at Ash Street Saloon on 12.13 - it promises to be a fun show...


Charlie Brown Christmas @ Mercy Lounge, 2NiTe

We're not sure what to think about this, but a Vince Guarldi-inspired electronic show is such a peculiar notion that we can't resist. Go here for a better idea of what's going to be going on....--Deli Staff



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